Shortly after Boris Johnson announced a sales ban on all petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles from 2035 Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport, signalled his aim to bring this forward to 2032 at the latest. What are the key drivers of this policy and what does this say about the state of British democracy?
David Cameron has attacked those in the countryside, who oppose the Government’s new planning laws, by suggesting that such opposition is killing off young people’s chances of owning a home as well as sidelining the country’s best interests. 
Many people have heard of the National Farmers Union, but how many of us are aware of the power the National Farmers Union has to make legislation, or determine prices. In a shocking discovery, it appears that not only does the National Farmers Union have these powers, but they have been made statutory.
Who is promoting the introduction of a financial transactions tax, and, for what purpose will any collected revenue be applied?
ITER - One step closer
Scientists have achieved a milestone in the effort to build the future ITER fusion reactor.
For some reason, a contact forwarded me a story from the Guardian originally published in 2002. It was just another example of WWF propaganda regarding the Earth's population. What interested me most, though, was the effort to demonise the potential for colonisation of space.
What is happening beneath the surface of March Hywel Mountain in south Wales? This was the location less than two weeks ago of the mining disaster at Gleision Colliery, where 4 miners lost their lives, due to an inrush of water at high pressure.
The UK's first hydrogen refuelling station has been opened in ... Swindon. Hmmm.
Our hearts go out to those who wait for news of their loved ones at Gleision Colliery in South Wales and right now the focus of attention must rightly be the rescue efforts currently underway.
urprisingly the BBC propaganda machine accurately reports that Shropshire is spending even more money - now more than £1 million - on its own special piece of ugly meaningless art. In this case a 40ft high stone arch called the Quantun Leap, to supposedly celebrate the birth of Charles Darwin.
Kyoto is dead. Copenhagen has fizzled into nothingness. if you read the comments people are posting on the maintream media websites when they publish "climate change" articles, it's clear that Cancun will go the same way.
Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen Powered Car
The use of batteries alone to power cars is clearly a bit nutty. Poor performance, a short operating range and long recharge times make their practicality limited.
Mega turbine
"Giant wind turbines with blade spans that dwarf the London Eye could be the shape of future green power, it has been disclosed."
As James Palumbo put it in his recent article in the Daily Mail, "The news is so bad that the politicians don't want the general public to know what's going on". I could not have put it better myself.
Every once in a while, a photo appears in the mainstream press which deserves comment.
According to Reuters a few days ago, the Church of England has invested £150 million with Generation Investment Management, a London based hedge fund owned by David Blood, ex-Goldman Sachs, and Al Gore, racist and genocidalist.
Let's say, for the sake of argument, that those pushing global warming are correct. Let's say that we are, in fact, all going to die as a result of carbon dioxide emissions from power generation and transporting goods. Go on, you can suspend your disbelief long enough to read this, can't you?
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was never much of a humanitarian. He first became enamoured with the Nazi Party in 1934, during his last year of study at the University of Berlin. He went to work for the death camp chemical company, I G Farben, where, according to the 5th April, 1976 issue of Newsweek, he was working as a spy for a special SS intelligence unit.
Medieval Flagellants
In a stunning display of the power of vox populi to destroy entire nations and cultures, a jury yesterday cleared six Greenpeace activists of criminal damage to a coal fired power station.