Tracing the ideas propelling education in 21st century Scotland towards its unseen destination back to their 18th century roots
The Government presses ahead with its drive to make all English state schools academies running on business models, despite the lack of consensus behind this change.
A teacher looks at the state of teacher training and recruitment in Britain anno 2017.
Today the mainstream media highlighted a study that called for urgent action by ministers in regards to children having access to pornography online. 
RFID tags
In 2001, a decision was made by the Information Commissioner’s Office that schools using biometric systems did not breach the Data Protection Act. This decision gave Britain the accolade of being the first country in the world to commercially market biometric technology to UK schools.
We have long known the effect of the direct attack on the education sector by successive governments. Keep them stupid and they won't see what we're doing, and all that.