182 years ago, in January 1835, the Airdrie Savings bank opened for business. It was, and remains, a community-run venture allowing personal savings to be safely stored and wisely invested. This week it was announced that the bank will be wound down and closed in the Spring. We mark its passing as a signal of a larger catastrophe; we are in a world where thrift – frugality and wise economic management – is a thing of the past.
Few who are given to rational thought can look at the contemporary welfare state and not think "I can't believe it's not better". The perverse incentives, the poverty traps, the cruelty, the cost. There is plenty to bemoan.
Bank of England
Yesterday the Bank of England announced its plans for future transparency and accountablity over the setting of interest rates.
As people ask more questions of Parliamentarians and others about the Bradbury Pound and the policy it represents, the usual, pathetic, stock answers are thrown back at them. Lets deal with them ...
For years now, I have been arguing in articles and on the UK Column News programme that the western financial system is terminally bankrupt. I am far from alone in that assessment, despite claims from politicians and so-called mainstream economic commentators that “no-one saw it coming”. Not only did I and many others see it coming, we now argue that what happened in 2008 was not the main event.
The 19th March is Budget Day, and we will be gathering in London to promote the Bradbury Pound. Our purpose will not be to protest, but to educate - the public, mainstream journalists, the police and any MPs or Lords brave enough to come and speak to us. So, what is the Bradbury Pound all about? Read on ...
Sajid Javid
Today the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Bill was given Royal Assent, formalising it as an Act of Parliament.
Nuclear power station
Yesterday the national grid released a document called "National Grid – Our Role In The Electricity Industry". In it they argued that in the near future they would be unable to properly fulfil their role to balance the supply of electricity across the grid, and that large consumers, such as shops and factories, should be asked to reduce their energy consumption during peak times.
Numerous articles in today’s mainstream media elude to the fact that we are fast slipping into a tightly controlled fascist existence very similar to George Orwell’s nightmarish 1984.