Mike and David return to the questions arising from Boris Johnston's "Build-build-build" policy. In a wide ranging discussion they cover international development in Africa, the political decision-making system as it contrasts with economic decision-making and the fact that, with modern technology, small is beautiful.
David Scott on the madness of 2020 — "a society defined by fear" that has "consented to destruction".
With the recent bombshell news that Carillion was going into voluntary liquidation there are growing fears that other firms such as G4S could also be at risk. News has also surfaced that KPMG is under increasing pressure and risks being investigated for giving Carillion's financial statements its seal of approval only 10 months ago.
182 years ago, in January 1835, the Airdrie Savings bank opened for business. It was, and remains, a community-run venture allowing personal savings to be safely stored and wisely invested. This week it was announced that the bank will be wound down and closed in the Spring. We mark its passing as a signal of a larger catastrophe; we are in a world where thrift – frugality and wise economic management – is a thing of the past.
Few who are given to rational thought can look at the contemporary welfare state and not think "I can't believe it's not better". The perverse incentives, the poverty traps, the cruelty, the cost. There is plenty to bemoan.
Bank of England
Yesterday the Bank of England announced its plans for future transparency and accountablity over the setting of interest rates.
As people ask more questions of Parliamentarians and others about the Bradbury Pound and the policy it represents, the usual, pathetic, stock answers are thrown back at them. Lets deal with them ...
For years now, I have been arguing in articles and on the UK Column News programme that the western financial system is terminally bankrupt. I am far from alone in that assessment, despite claims from politicians and so-called mainstream economic commentators that “no-one saw it coming”. Not only did I and many others see it coming, we now argue that what happened in 2008 was not the main event.
The 19th March is Budget Day, and we will be gathering in London to promote the Bradbury Pound. Our purpose will not be to protest, but to educate - the public, mainstream journalists, the police and any MPs or Lords brave enough to come and speak to us. So, what is the Bradbury Pound all about? Read on ...
Sajid Javid
Today the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Bill was given Royal Assent, formalising it as an Act of Parliament.
Nuclear power station
Yesterday the national grid released a document called "National Grid – Our Role In The Electricity Industry". In it they argued that in the near future they would be unable to properly fulfil their role to balance the supply of electricity across the grid, and that large consumers, such as shops and factories, should be asked to reduce their energy consumption during peak times.
Numerous articles in today’s mainstream media elude to the fact that we are fast slipping into a tightly controlled fascist existence very similar to George Orwell’s nightmarish 1984.
Thompson Reuters at the Grove Hotel
Last Monday, our Malcolm Massey, Neil Foster and Mark Anderson took a post-Bilderberg walk around the Grove Hotel to see what they could see. What they found was a meeting room with a Thomson Reuters display panel. 
Jon Snow's tweet
Yesterday evening, Jon Snow tweeted "Stock Market hits a high not seen since 1999 ... do I hear alarm bells ringing ... or just the one for close of business."  If alarm bells are not ringing, they should be.
On November 6, 2012 UK Column live Interviewed Watcyn Richards, a welsh farmer who had been defrauded of nearly £200,000 by Barclays bank by way of fraudulently copying his wife's signature. Following this interview, Guy Taylor, a landlord in Hereford, contacted us after Barclays had tried a similar stunt with him, this time for more than £900,000.
Maglev Train From JR Tokai
Japan has unveiled the prototype of a new Maglev train, capable of speeds up to 311 mph. In the meantime, over a week has passed since the latest floods, and British trains are still not running in the South West.
In an interview with Jon Snow on this evening's Channel 4 News, Lord Myners called for full Glass Steagall legislation to deal with the corruption of the banks, a policy I have been demanding for years.
Despite the euphoric reaction of the BBC as the results of the Greek election became clear, nothing changed in Europe this morning.
There is one question which will have system-serving politicians and economists running for cover:  why can’t the British government through its Treasury issue  interest free money based upon the common wealth and integrity of this country - worth trillions?
Matt Zames
JP Morgan executive Ina Drew has taken the fall for last week's $2 billion loss at the investment bank. He has been replaced by Matt Zames, previously a trader at LTCM.
Shanghai Maglev Train
The effects of the collapse in the real economy globally are being felt in China. Nevertheless they continue to invest in science and infrastructure, the two key requirements for future growth.
Last Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has attacked the European Union and the IMF for imposing political conditions on an EU-IMF loan desperately needed.
The Euro crisis continues to build as the European debt bubble becomes ever more fragile. While most of the media focus has been on Greece, Spain has been building its status as the next big collapse.
Like a bunch of sheep, the British people fell into the trap today, suckered into panic buying fuel in order to avoid panic buying fuel.
Moritz Kraemer
While Moritz Kraemer, head of sovereign ratings at Standard & Poor believes Greece will have to restructure its debt once more, the ECB calls for more regime change.
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development if predicting that Britain will fall back into recession this quarter.
Numerous sources, both mainstream and alternative, are reporting of a convergence of events in March that point to a massive break point in the ongoing financial collapse.
The main cause of hyperinflation is a massive and rapid increase in the amount of money which is not supported by growth in the output of goods and services. The UK Column has been warning for a number of years now that we are staring hyperinflation in the face. So where is it?
The markets seem to have mostly shrugged off France's loss of its triple-A rating.
We are often told not to kick a man when he is down ...
While we wrangle with our respective public or private employers about what pensions we might receive in the future, French pensioners are already having payments withheld.
The Euro cracks under the strain
We could be forgiven for thinking that the Euro crisis has gone away, with so little coverage in the media. Sadly, it's just the calm before the storm.
As the Euro continues is collapse, French President Sarkozy has indicated that he will not wait for the rest of Europe to stop squabbling before imposing the financial transaction tax. 
For some reason, a contact forwarded me a story from the Guardian originally published in 2002. It was just another example of WWF propaganda regarding the Earth's population. What interested me most, though, was the effort to demonise the potential for colonisation of space.
If Positive Money is not the answer, what can we do? The solution is actually not that hard. We must begin with full Glass Steagall style banking separation now, today. Not this ring fencing nonsense being pushed by Mervyn King and George Osborne.
Positive Money bills itself as “a simple solution to the debt crisis”. With a cursory glance, it might appear to be making some of the right noises. On closer inspection, however, there’s just nothing there.
In order to create the European Union it became necessary for its major proposers and supporters to undermine the democracy of the people. It stole its authority by ignoring the will of the people in various referenda. Now, in order to save its flawed currency, it seeks to make itself immune from the rule of law.
What is happening beneath the surface of March Hywel Mountain in south Wales? This was the location less than two weeks ago of the mining disaster at Gleision Colliery, where 4 miners lost their lives, due to an inrush of water at high pressure.
The UK's first hydrogen refuelling station has been opened in ... Swindon. Hmmm.
Quantitative Easing
The statements from within the global financial "leadership", and reflected in the mainstream press release mashup squad, have been staggering. There is "already a raging panic around the solvency of the European banking system", wrote the Telegraph's Jeremy Warner, "Most people will find the idea that more than four years after the banking crisis began, the banking system continues to require squillions of public money almost beyond belief".
With typical sophistry, the IMF has announced that the global economy has entered a "dangerous phase", as if it hasn't been in a terminal phase since 2007. They have downgraded their predictions for "growth" and warn that continuing political and economic problems in the USA and Europe could push these regions into a "double dip" recession. Whoopie-doo.
Yesterday's rather pathetic speech by Vince Cable demonstrates once again that British politicians - even those who appear to be critical of the banks - are, in reality, working for them.
Born into a Polish exile family living in London, Former Tory Party member Jan Vincent-Rostowski is currently Finance Minster of Poland. He is utterly pro-Euro and extremely keen to see Poland join the Euro as soon as possible.
Our hearts go out to those who wait for news of their loved ones at Gleision Colliery in South Wales and right now the focus of attention must rightly be the rescue efforts currently underway.
JP Morgan Bear Stearns
In January 2007, Bear Stearns was worth $20 billion. By Friday, 14th March, 2008, it was worth $3.5 billion. Three days later, on Monday, 17th March, it was bought by JP Morgan for $236 million.
The UK is not in the firing line, says William Hague. He must have been on drugs or something, because aside from that, he believes that European nations need to "demonstrate to the satisfaction of financial markets the credibility of their own intentions to bring their deficits and debts under control".
In 2008, then South African president Thabo Mbeki’s mother, wrote an open letter to the South African people, severely criticising the nation's political leadership. Published in the Johannesburg Sunday Times, she concluded: "South Africa wake up. Zemk’iinkomo Magwala Ndini! (The cattle are being stolen, you bloody cowards!)"
Past Is Not Prologue Readers of my articles in the UK Column over recent years may have puzzled at the long silence. Without boring you with the details, let it be said that a tactical retreat is not to be confused with capitulation, but part of a wider strategy. Notwithstanding tactics, all that was pertinent with respect to the economic and political situation as it stood at the time my last article went to print, had already been said. It therefore only remained to wait for the next major phase shift in the situation before summoning the inspiration to offer a genuinely new perspective. Such a phase shift has now occurred.
The last forty years have seen record levels of insanity in the financial sector. Drunk on the possibility of "making money", individuals with no thought to the impact on the lives of the real human beings on this planet, have demonstrated a willingness to do anything to make a quick buck. "I wish they'd get this war started," one such person said to me just prior to Blair's invasion of Iraq.
UK Factory
The ignorance of the majority of our political classes to the enormity of the financial crisis that we face is staggering. Their wilful denial of the fact of the continuing collapse of our nation, its institutions and ways of life is absolute deliberate treason. In fact, I would go further, it is murderous, and that fact will become clear as the destruction of the NHS takes its toll. As a result, they prefer to decimate public spending, while at the same time increase VAT and other taxes, in order to pay off the banking mafia that pays their salaries.
The yields on Irish government debt (specifically 10 year bonds) rose to over 9% on Thursday last week on the rumours that Ireland was needing to go cap in hand to the EU for a further bailout. The Irish government denied this in a fairly carefully worded statement. The result is that yields have fallen back to just over 8% today, although it is generally accepted that if yields head back over 9% again, Ireland will be forced to run out the begging bowl.
The Federal Reserve Bank's announcement of QE2, the second round of American Quantitative Easing, on the 3rd of November, caused a tidal wave of funny money to hit the markets as "investors" decided to place their bets on stocks and commodities. Stock markets around the world climbed by nearly 2% on Thursday, oil broke through $87 a barrel, and a range of other commodities also saw dramatic price increases.
Britain's banks are bankrupt. We have said it many times. They are trading while insolvent, and in this country at least, that is illegal.
Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen Powered Car
The use of batteries alone to power cars is clearly a bit nutty. Poor performance, a short operating range and long recharge times make their practicality limited.
Maglev in evacuated tube
China's public transport plans can only be described as impressive.
The banks are back in profit, and the bankers can afford a 25% increase in bonuses. So, all's well that ends well, isn't it? Well, isn't it?
Britain is bankrupt. There's no getting around that fact. We have a national debt of over £900 billion and rising. We have a massive black hole in the public pension pot of £1.2 trillion. We have personal debt of £1.5 trillion. That is a total shortfall, today, of £3.6 trillion.
On the 22nd of February, the Register, a UK technology website, published an article entitled "The Myth Of Britain's Manufacturing Decline." What, I wondered, could a publication that focusses on IT and finds "amusing" positions to place Playmobil plastic characters know about British Manufacturing? As I read the article, I realised the answer is, nothing.
As is usual with a Budget, the media concentrates on the nonsense. Stamp duty, drink, cigarettes and petrol are the things the BBC and the rest report on, ignoring the elephant in the room.
Two systems are before the world…. One looks to pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, and barbarism; the other to increasing wealth, comfort, intelligence, combination of action, and civilization. One looks toward universal war; the other to universal peace. One is the English system; the other we may be proud to call the American system, for it is the only one ever devised, the tendency of which was that of elevating while equalizing the condition of man throughout the world. Henry C Carey, The Harmony of Interests (1851)
Smarting from a summer of virulently anti-capitalist, anti-globalist, anti-well-just-about-everything sentiment, the Gods of the free market pantheon gathered at a recent half day seminar on the causes of the financial crisis to discuss and debate their preferred solutions amongst friendly (present) company (accepted).
As I write this, in a real sucker punch, the FTSE is up 10% so far today. Hooray, the world is saved! Or not.
Britain is in a state of collapse. That must seem like a redundant statement, since just about everyone recognises it. Things are getting bad enough that even our immigration "problem" seems to be solving itself.
History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man.  - Percy Bysshe Shelley
Many people believe that the Bank of England is a privately owned corporation. Many people believe that it's owned by the Rothchilds. Neither of these beliefs is true.
Those were the closing words of the new global chancellor of nothing yesterday, during his post G20 summit speech. "These are not just a single collection of actions," he said, "This is collective action; people at their best. I think a New World Order is emerging, and with it a new and progressive era of international cooperation. We have resolved that from today, we will together manage the process of globalisation ..."
When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions - William Shakespeare, Hamlet
The IMF is out of cash. That is, according to the governor of Mexico's Central Bank, Guillermo Ortiz, at this years otherwise absolutely insane Davos economic forum, who said, "The IMF does not have enough money for what is coming."
It is truly incredible how brass necked the financial elites and their political puppets in all parties have been in treating the world financial system as their personal cash machine, while the "experts" who, until recently, were "completely surprised" by the crisis, are now forecasting corporate and personal bankruptcies, mass unemployment, and world food shortages.
Let's say, for the sake of argument, that those pushing global warming are correct. Let's say that we are, in fact, all going to die as a result of carbon dioxide emissions from power generation and transporting goods. Go on, you can suspend your disbelief long enough to read this, can't you?
The collapse of the financial system in 2008 reinvigorated Gordon Brown. Just a few months before, he was rapidly becoming a lame duck, hardly able to stay awake. Suddenly, he was pushed forward as the Global Chancellor of the Exchequer. Getting drunk on the financial sorrow of millions, he threw up his solutions to the crisis.
Fear and panic has gripped the world over the last two weeks as crisis meeting after crisis meeting has done more to stoke the carbon swaps market than the collective hot air from the lunatic global warming falange.
Last night's Channel 4 News carried an interview between John Snow and the TUC's Brendan Barber.
Germany has joined Ireland and Greece in declaring that private citizens' savings will be protected by the state. In doing so, they seem to have dealt a massive blow to the very foundations of the Tower of Babel that is the Maastricht Treaty. At the very least, they have exposed European monetary union for the joke that it is.
We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. - Aesop
Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy? A Republic, if you can keep it. - Benjamin Franklin, 1787