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Mechanics of Modern Murder: Part One

by | Tuesday, 30th May 2017
Most people hold the NHS is high regard. It may not be perfect, but dedicated professionals work very hard and do their very best to help those in need of medical care.

Most people have come into contact with the NHS in some way in their lives, either directly, or via friends and relatives who have been in hospital, A&E or have used other NHS services. There are many good reports of the treatment and care they have received, and we fully acknowledge these good words.

At the same time there are increasing reports that all is not well in the NHS. Staff report increasing turmoil and change, and many report that the whole management style has changed to become demanding, target driven, chaotic and increasingly stressful. In addition the Mid Staffs hospital inquiry identified that patients were dying from incompetence and neglect in significant numbers. This hospital was not alone in these failings. The UKColumn has worked hard to expose the cause of this disruptive change in the NHS, and a key report on this subject is Towards a Million Change Agents

Digging deeper we find an increasing number of people or their relatives have suffered at the hands of the NHS, and yet they have been unable to get closure and justice through truthful exposure of the failings that have taken place. In this one hour Dispatches from the Front, I interview three people who have very troubling stories to tell of NHS care. Their testimonies are just the tip of the iceberg and the implications for the wider public are immensely serious. This is not an attack on the NHS and those dedicated staff. It is a wake up call to those why are unaware that something very dark is hidden within our NHS care system which must be exposed.

I would like to thank Dr Mark Jones for use of his title - Mechanics of Modern Murder - because that is exactly what we are witnessing. The audio is a little 'raw' due to the circumstances of the interview, and there are some minor interruptions towards the end, but the content is powerful. Please join us.