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Britain's Psychiatric Gulag

by | Thursday, 14th April 2016
Former Lancashire Social Worker Carol Woods refused to falsify child records that would enable the British State to steal a child. Her ultimate reward was to be unlawfully incarcerated in the British psychiatric gulag.

Welcome to our new Podcast series 'Despatches from the Front' where we report from battleground Britain.  In this first episode Brian Gerrish interviews Carol Woods. Honest and professional, former Lancashire Social Worker Carol Woods was asked to falisfy child 'protection' records. Had she done so, innocent parents would have lost their child - to be yet another child stolen by the British State. She refused to do so, and subsequently she refused in yet another child 'protection' case. When Carol bravely stood up to whistleblow on this unlawful activity by the Local Authority and Social Services, she was harassed and bullied out of her job. Unwilling to let criminal activity go unpunished she continued to pursue the authorities for their wrongdoing. She was then subjected to bullying and harassment by the police, had her home stolen and was ultimately unlawfully incarcerated in the British psychiatric gulag. In this Despatches from the Front interview, Carol tells the story of her repeated kidnap and detention in psychiatric units, where proper processes, procedures, legal documentation and fundamental human rights were simply ignored. Couldn't happen in UK today? Just listen as this lady blows the whistle on gulag Britain. The British government has now declared war on its own people - the very people it should protect.