The Liberal Democrats are running a petition calling for the Conservative Party to be stopped from repealing the Human Rights Act, the legislation which infringes on every British inhabitant’s God given inalienable rights under the Rule of Law.
Yet despite the visible and tangible oppression that we experience from our own government, the British public in 2015 seems unable to realise that Star Chambers are again being empowered.
Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) do not work in a free market way where honest competition decides who wins and who loses the business contract, due to the fact that the private company part of the PPP is granted special privileges by the government. This may include financial incentives, tax breaks, subsidies and insider privileges.
In addition to the operation of the Common Purpose Effect in Rotherham MBC and Nottingham Councils are there any additional shared characteristics that link these Public Bodies together? UK Column research teams believe that the answer to this question is a loud yes!
What is the historical relationship between Her Majesty the Queen and her subjects? Actions to undermine the British Nation State have rarely been brought to the attention of our Courts. One of the most high profile decided cases is that of Joyce v Director of Public Prosecutions [1946] 1 All ER 186.
If this was 1940 and not 2016 the blatant anti-British propaganda being showered upon the public by state broadcaster the BBC and other news publications could well have competed for the Joseph Goebels award for honesty. What we are witnessing today with the systematic talking down of Britain now makes the historical broadcasting of William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) appear patriotic.
Today is the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta in 1215. Has anything changed in 800 years?
As followers of the British Constitution Group and the UK Column newspaper will know, Grand Juries were convened on the last weekend of February 2015 at Telford to investigate misconduct by Crown officials who were alleged to have “suspended the law or the effect of the law” contrary to Articles 1 and 2 of the Bill of Rights 1688 by failing to cause justice to be done. The word “Justice” means to recognise rights and punish wrongs and the main focus of the weekend was child abuse.
We, the International Federation of Social Workers (IFWS, the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) and the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) .....feel compelled to advocate for a New World Order.
Conor Gearty
This is the question asked by London School of Economics lecturer Conor Gearty, an Irish citizen driving the constitutional reform agenda in Britain.