There is an inherent conflict between what is referred to as ‘Economic Freedom’ and Social/Political liberty. Complete freedom for Global Corporatist billionaires means poverty, insecurity, pollution and collapsing public services for everyone else. As there is little prospect of the general population embracing societal meltdown, it can be delivered only by stealth, deception and authoritarian control. The choice we face is between rampant Corporatism and democracy. You cannot have both.

The prevailing political philosophy is a prescription for totalitarian capitalism; which is well on the way to being implemented. However, one of the first rules of conflict (& politics) is, KNOW YOUR ENEMY. Which is precisely why there is still NO FRACKING in the UK, why there is rapidly growing awareness and opposition to the roll-out of 5G … increasing rejection of Big Pharma & Vaccination … a call for genuine Localism … and a greater determination for our Political parasites in Westminster to deliver BREXIT!

DISC ONE Brian Gerrish – A Rising Tide of CORPORATISM

Since the overall totalitarian capitalist agenda includes the objective of significant culling of the population it is perhaps not unreasonable to say that an informed population would be very hostile to that particular totalitarian agenda alone. That the totalitarian plan is largely deceptive tells us two things – firstly, they believe they are best placed to act from the shadows, and secondly they are fearful of the backlash from an alerted population to an overt frontal assault. If ‘know your enemy’ is a key rule of success in warfare, we must ask who ‘they’ are, and from whence comes their tactics of war? Armed with this critical information we will be well equipped to fight ‘them’ and win.

DISC TWO :  Alex Thomson – An Infernal Convergence : Two persuasions of élitists join together to beggar Britain

Inspired loosely by the philosophies of Aristotle and of Plato respectively, these two persuasions of purloining bloodline élitists and their technocratic hangers-on have been wrestling over the juicy prize of Britain and our diaspora for at least three centuries. (In a nutshell, the Aristotelians justify their rule by reference to religious notions and the Platonists do so by promising prosperity.) Alex provides background on the Aristotelians’ and Platonists’ creeds and methods, focusing on post-Second World War developments and on Britain. In a way, this talk completes what I set out at AV9, particularly answering the questions I left hanging of what the prime British and world assets are which the globalists are fraudulently trading on the back of, and which they have appropriated from the sovereign people.

DISC THREE :  Patrick Henningsen – The Removal of INALIENABLE RIGHTS

Over the past few years, you’ve probably felt the political ground shifting below your feet. It’s happening. While the Establishment’s media oracles incessantly cry “fascist” or “Russian influence” alongside any mention of political personalities like Trump, Orban or Le Pen, real fascism has long been implemented by way of a corporatist framework designed to transform society as we once knew, into something resembling a technocracy. Real collusion is taking place is between government and transnational corporations, including Silicon Valley digital monopolists who have already instituted a regime of censorship which transcends national borders. The good news is we have the tools and tactics to fight this battle, but first we’ll have to jettison some old baggage. In this brave new world, rights will no longer be inalienable – they will have to be fought for. It begins NOW!!.

DISC FOUR :  Dr Graham Downing – Evidence Based Medicine or Global Health Fraud?

Dr Downing undertakes a forensic analysis of the drug industry. Using specific examples from around the globe, he’ll dissect the mechanisms of power, and the victims it leaves behind, as big corporations chase profit over safety..

DISC FIVE – Ian R Crane – DEMOCRACY in CHAINS (See Description at top of page)


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