AV7 – 16 Disc Box Set




AV7 was the most eclectic Alternative View event to date; bringing together Campaigners, Activists, Spiritual Warriors and people who have simply had enough of a Governmental system which evidently does NOT have Humanity’s best interests as heart! The speakers and the audience represented almost every demographic imaginable. People from all parts of the social spectrum, almost every political persuasion and varying religious and philosophical viewpoints came together at AV7, united in their knowledge that ‘Something isn’t right’ … that Humanity (the collective ‘WE’) have an enormous challenge ahead.

The descent into a Corporatocratic Slave State, where chains have been replaced by DEBT has to be resisted and alternatives sought … the networking amongst like-minded people at AV7 was a joy to behold. Who knows what will manifest as a result of this truly remarkable weekend?


Disk 1:  James Gordon Graham
Tax Havens & the Secret Multi-Dimensional Knowledge of the Ruling Parasites

Disk 2:  Holly Paige
Nuero Active Food

Disk 3:  Anthony Carlin
Never Book a Judge By His Cover

Disk 4 :  Vanessa Beeley
The NGO Soft Power Complex : Humanitarians or Executioners?

Disk 5 : Dr Graham Downing 1
The Null Hypothesis : Dead Doctors Don’t Lie!

Disk 6 : Patrick Henningsen
Consensus Reality : Mind Control Through The New Media

Disk 7 : Max Igan
Decoding the Matrix : Creating a New Reality

Disk 8 : Open Mic & Speakers Panel


Disk 1:  Dr Graham Downing 2
VAXXED : One FLU over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Disk 2 : Michael Shrimpton
Takedown : ‘Unexplained’ Aircraft Disappearances

Disk 3 :  Willem Felderhof
The Toxic War on Humanity & on Mother Earth

Disk 4 : Field McConnell
Hillary Clinton’s Connection to 9/11 … Revealed!

Disk 5 : Thomas Sheridan
The Lords of Perception & their Psychopathic Control Grid

Disk 6 : Zen Gardner
Rise Like Lions After Slumber; In Unvanquishable Number; …

Disk 7 : Ian R Crane
The EU Hokey Cokey … IN or OUT; Either Way, EU’re Screwed!

Due to the relevance of Ian’s AV7 presentation, a 35min extract was posted on YouTube, three weeks prior to the EU Referendum. Ian was one of the few Analysts who called the outcome correctly … consequently, his observations, comments & prognoses are even more pertinent to the evolution of a more inclusive political landscape within the UK and by extrapolation, the well-being of future generations!

Disk 8 : Bonus Disk
Breaking Free


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