AV6 DVD Box Set


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Order the AV6 DVD Collection and enjoy 13 fantastic presentations from some of the best researchers/activists in their respective fields. Makes an ideal gift for friends and family and a great momento for those who attended this remarkable event.

AV6 – 12 DVD Box Set


Disk 1: Brian Gerrish

Disk 2: Pippa King

Disk 3: David Noakes

Disk 4 : Samantha Bachman

Disk 5 : Patrick Henningsen

Disk 6 : Zen Gardner


Disk 1: Simon Welsh

Disk 2 : Olga Raffa

Disk 3 : Dr Graham Downing

Disk 4 : Thomas Sheridan

Disk 5 : Max Igan

Disk 6 : Ken O’Keefe & Ian R Crane


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