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Dispatch Date = Monday 16th Dec 2019

AV Newsletter : Dec 2019 : AV10.1 Review

AV10.1 took place on what should have been the final Sunday of Britain’s 47 year membership of the EU … yet there is still further deceit & obfuscation as the political parasites kick the can further down the road! With yet another General Election in December 2019, the pantomime of politics continues to frustrate a Country that is desperate to shake off the shackles of EU control. However, it could be a case of ‘Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire’ as USA Corporatists seek to seize the opportunity to reduce UK Standards to the lowest common WTO Denominator! Ultimately, it is up to each and every one of US to participate in the process of bringing about the changes that WE ALL KNOW WE NEED TO SEE!

All the above against a backdrop of increasing Climate Chaos and consequent Crop Failures attributable to the Grand Solar Minimum; whilst the sociopathic Establishment ramp up their campaign to blame Humanity for this naturally occurring phenomena.

AV10.1 couldn’t have been more timely!

DISC 1 :  Brian Gerrish – A Culture of Deceit …

DISC 2 :  Gary Fraughan – Putting a Stopper In the Bottle of Death … 

DISC 3 :  David Noakes – The Persecution Continues …

DISC 4 :  David DuByne –  The Imminent Global Impact of The Grand Solar Minimum

DISC 5 – Dr Graham Downing – Dark Mode : Chasing The Sun

DISC 6 : John Hickman – Surviving The Grand Solar Minimum

DISC 7 : Ian R Crane – In Summary : The Pantomime of Politics

DISC 8 : Bonus DVD – 5G : Is It SAFE?
‘Short for ‘fifth- generation’, 5G wireless technology promises faster download and upload speeds. Mobile network provider EE, claims 5g technology will ‘provide a better connection in busy places.’The technology has already begun to be rolled out across several major UK cities, including London, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow, but not everyone is convinced the technology is progress. In fact, 5G technology is a hugely controversial topic, that has caused mass controversy, with many voicing concerns about potential health risks.

Ian R Crane is a former Oilfield Services Executive who spent seven years (2013 – 2019) supporting Communities develop their resistance the UK Government’s FRACKING agenda. In late 2017, Ian became aware that the Countrywide Tree-Culling was directly related to the planned roll-out of 5G, due to ‘Organic Material’ being a BLOCK to 5G frequencies. This prompted him to study the available academic research of the Negative Health Impacts of 5G microwave frequencies. Ian’s mantra is to encourage people to do their OWN research … and his thought-provoking presentation will undoubtedly stimulate further curiosity, particularly amongst those who are already concerned at the pace with which Humanity is being led deeper into technological reliance.’


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