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    Searching for anything that I can use as evidence to discourage my brainwashed daughter-in-law, who has had the jab to think about the health of my Granddaughter and stop breastfeeding, I came across this article.

    On researching the author, I find that not only is Dr Miriam Stoppard a “doctor, businesswoman, journalist, broadcaster and writer” but “after seven years practising medicine…she entered the pharmaceutical industry eventually holding the posts of Research Director and Managing Director.” In this article she states,”When the Pfizer vaccine was first licensed…” Moreover, her pen portrait is just as incredulous as it states, “The name Miriam Stoppard stands for accessible, practical, caring, authoritative, credible, and reassuring advice. In other words “the thinking has been done for you!” ™



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    @Welshlady I feel for your dilema. I sent this short video to my pregnant neice (via her sister so I do not know how it was received). https://www.bitchute.com/video/BzpqJqFuUVv2/ Really Graceful ex youtuber, does very cheerful, brilliant and to the point video journalism. She reported that new mother’s were losing their milk after getting the jab. There are now two Pfizer jabs Comirnaty and the Biontech one. Apparently the Comirnaty has some approval in the US according to a recent Corbett Report. https://www.corbettreport.com/

    I also posted my niece a letter from Doctors 4 Covid Ethics along with two toys I had crocheted for her new baby. https://doctors4covidethics.org/letter-to-physicians-four-new-scientific-discoveries-crucial-to-the-safety-and-efficacy-of-covid-19-vaccines/ which was addressed to physicians. It was quite brief and included 13 citations. I included the last citation which was their compilation of adverse reactions to the jabs in the US and the UK. I included some tips on home treatment for the flu from here, including a recipe for a nasal spray. (have heard inhaling steam is also a great early cure) https://www.nutritiondiagnostics.com.au/blog/cold-and-flu-season-a-guide-to-boosting-immunity-and-staying-well/

    I do not know how this was received as my sister who has previously refused to read any emails from me and has had the first jab is the only one who has responded to thank me for the toys – and neither of us brought up the literature I included with the present. (may have gone down badly as most of my wider family are quite believing of the 24/7 propaganda). Please continue to love your daughter-in-law and don’t try to control with shame like my pro-vax acquaintances post on FB. Please let us know how you get on. Loving our families is so important these days.

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