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    1 minute freak show

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    The link below just got be banned from twitter for a week. Within a minute or so of sharing it on twitter, I was banned and can only get back on after a week if I remove the article. So we KNOW it’s bang on the nail.

    We are being coerced, in the most cruel and deceitful way, into a massive human experiment which has NOTHING to do with improving health or preventing disease. Quite the opposite. Under the pretence of an ‘infectious disease’ families have been torn apart and basic human needs and rights removed. It has caused utter misery and chaos as those behind it would have predicted and are not doubt sniggering over. What a buzz for psychopathic megalomaniacs to close down the world and see cities like London and New York grind to a halt! Bill and Melinda and Klaus, among others must have practically died and gone to hell at this point when they saw how far they could push their evil and frankly insane agendas. This could not be more evil and we KNOW who is behind it – they have all the money in the world to bribe the unscrupulous which is precisely what has happened. ‘Only following orders’ is not going to get all those behind it out of this horrendous crime.

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    Makes you wonder how they will get these various bits and pieces into folk.

    They queued up for the jab. They demanded the jab. They deride the unjabbed.

    It will just so easy.

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    This is so satanic…. it puts satanism on a whole new level. Such evil, poisoning our air our food our rain and the skies with things we cannot even know how to avoid. Only God can help us – this is truly gross…. to think this stuff may be in us is horrifying… to think they may be able to take over our thoughts and functions like a parasite the host is mind boggling… I want no part of this I do not consent They can kill my body but they are not getting my soul. hooked up to evil big brother with adverts 24/7 is a dystopic future perspective that chills to the bone…
    This is truly the mark of the beast and they will make some shiny miracle out of the dust and all will fall and worship the beast…I pray not me… the wolf in sheep’s clothing will deceive many of us we can only pray for strength and the power of discernment and a deep personal relationship with Jesus.
    Thank you for this video … but it is earth shattering

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    PG Tips.
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    This series of videos are very enlightening.

    Fall of the Cabal: The Sequel

    Part Eighteen: The Sequel (Part 18)

    COVID-19 Medical Scam & 5G (Episode 1)

    COVID-19 Medical Scam & 5G

    Re: a Documentary Series by Janet Ossebaard

    Last Updated: October 09, 2021

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    Hi @tle , if you were referring to my video then please feel free to share wherever you like.
    Spread the love n all that.

    It is indeed hard to cope in this world if you are electrosensitive but a reliable method is starting with the water you consume.

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    The internet is ‘the beast’ and everyone of us on here if not exactly worshipping it, we are using it to run our lives, its just a different interpretation. There may have been coercion in the form of incentives to transfer every aspect of our lives onto it, including our bills, correspondence, photographs, life history, family tree, booking holidays, banking, the whole lot is now on the internet but most made the leap willingly. I resisted as far as I could as I knew where it was all going long ago. Remember The Borg? The people who believe in the COVID hoax are already displaying the hive mind, they have already been assimilated, and none of them ever speak of God, they all respond in the same way to any suggestion that they should investigate any of this for themselves, with anger and accusations. They are happily going along with testing themselves and isolating and they respond almost with hysteria to any of their friends or colleagues who get a positive test. God is omnipresent but the only way for Satan to achieve the same knowledge of us all is to assimilate us into a false electronic world, graphene in the jabs, in the air, in food, in water, in medicine is responsive to electrical stimulation and in the human body will make humans submit to frequencies and control their thoughts, emotions and behaviour. This is a fight for the very survival of humanity.

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    Thank you so much for your help. That is most kind of you! I am also most grateful for the links to water filters which we are now in the process of researching.There may be a delay in posting your video on my bitchute channel. I am in the process of creating a website to help awaken humanity. I enclose a link to the welcome page. I recommend listening to Dr Chinda Brandolino…the US Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that genetically modified DNA was patented to the owner. This is International Law. The ramifications are being witnessed today.

    I did feel that perhaps those under pressure to get vaccinated should ask their employer/clinician if they are aware that genetically modified DNA equates to trans-humanism, and they have no human rights. These are lost with the vaccination.The human is owned by and becomes the slave to the patent holder.

    I also enclose this link about graphing oxide and 5G frequencies:

    If you or anyone in your thread has suggestions of links to include on my website, I would be most grateful via the contact form on the website. I am trying to build a balanced representation, and useful resources.

    It is getting to crunch time.

    If we don’t try to stop this, the results for humanity are unthinkable.

    We must not collaborate with our own enslavement!

    We must encourage others to protect their unique DNA and human rights.

    With love and much gratitude for everything.
    (UKC Group: Call Back Your Stolen DNA Codes).

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    I’m guessing you meant ‘racism’…

    Harry Warren
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    The Occidental Observer website ( has just published part 3 of a series of well-researched articles by Scott Howard, under the general title ‘2030 Vision.’ This episode is called ‘Transhumanism and the Transhumanists of the Great Reset.’

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    @CH Claire, This is sold in Australia. You may be able to purchase or locate something similar locally. – Structured Water created in volume or small quantities by swirling water from one bottle to another while it passes through a magnet. It is quite fun to do as the idea includes creating a bit of an anti-clockwise swirl of water in the second bottle. Anyway, it structures the water as though it had flowed over rocks in a stream and makes the molecules of water smaller and suitable to be absorbed in human cells/body. It also breaks apart larger contaminants such as flouride in the process with no need for further purification (so I am told). We bought ours here
    we attached the larger one to our incoming water with the aid of a plumber and some digging. The bottles are useful if you travel.

    Re electro-sensitivity – our galvanized corrugated iron shed cuts out any frequency. I am tempted to replace roof tiles with corrugated iron as this would also protect against bush fires, but would be quite an exercise. Others in the suburb have done this, not sure why. Possums and birds nesting in roofs can also be a problem for tiled roofs.

    Phi’on Elements of Life

    Mark E
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    Bezos to Alexa, Gates to Cortana, Jobs at Siri: Can we make a world where people are 100% subservient to computer technology? Siri/Alexa/Cortana reply: Yes, we’re already working to this resolution.

    Lead me not into temptation, I can find the way myself.

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    Bob – Enough
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    Sorry if you have already posted something on this, but whilst you are all talking about this transhumanism taking over the bodies of the jabbed – it also takes over and control the mind … now I am sure most of you know that; what you maybe not aware of is (apologies if you are already) is that the mind actually contains a .. GOD GENE – yep, look it up as you see fit.

    Involved within the Great Reset is the new “Global Religion” which is quite simply based on Satanism (I know how it sounds). The God Gene will be and is being eliminated by the jabs as the conversion to the new Global religion MUST BE Voluntary.

    I have already said it once and yes, I know how it sounds.

    “The God gene hypothesis proposes that human spirituality is influenced by heredity and that a specific gene, called vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2), predisposes humans towards spiritual or mystic experiences.”

    Our Government are committing Democide, Genocide, Mass Murder and horrendous crimes against humanity.
    Enough is Enough; they need removing.

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    Liz Jones
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    Hi Bob,

    There is a lot of reluctance to talk about the Satanic issue. I agree with you and I will tell you why.

    Unfortunatly I have psychic abilities. I don’t know if they are from God but I have in the past been able to see things that turned out to be true.

    On most occasions they are not very pleasant I have ‘seen’ that a person is ill and may die. I have ‘seen’ disasters although not always clearly. It is sometimes afterwards that I have understood.

    I saw this event literally on the horizon, when I lived overlooking a beautiful Bay in the South West. It was coming from over the seas and engulfing everything. But could not understand what it was, – at first I thought it might be nuclear war because at the time Turkey was hanging on to military equipment owned by the Americans.

    Gradually I was shown that it was to be a spiritual war between Satan and God And that we would gather armies against then. Whether in this world or the next I do not know.

    I did not want to receive this information as you can imagine but I had to bear with it until it was over.

    I saw Armageddon but I fight against this knowlege with all my might.

    I did not pay heed once and I lost someone in a disaster, someone who was my life and soul.

    I believed that I could have changed things but instead I handed them over to fate because I allowed God to take charge, I knew they were going to die but could not see how, I lost that person.

    We can try to change fate and we must, – there is too much at stake here.

    I was shown the end of the world about 6 months before Covid started.

    I am mentally healthy.

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    rpc 48gx
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    Lets go brandon! Banned by youtube!

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