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    Hello everyone.
    I have some information for you, which I believe is the truth. Or at least, along the right lines to the truth.

    I’m not sure what all of your historical beliefs are. By no means am I a historian or archaeologist but this is a theory which aligns to way too many things for me to keep to myself. I used to think I was quite clued up on ancient history and megaliths but there are more layers than we could imagine.

    The general gist of this is that the Pagans / Christians were right. The Jews, Muslims and even Catholics [+ more] are indeed all using their religions to overthrow Western empires. All the wars in the middle east, all the terrorism, all the deep state shenanigans.. All of it. It is all linked. Even the censorship of digital media and pushing of identity politics – as they take further extreme measures to prevent this ancient knowledge becoming widely known (imo, part of it).

    If you know much about the Bible, you may know that in some way shape or form, around 80% of all predictions listed in there have came true. The remaining 15-20% are basically about the end times and ..other bad bits. These rejection of our faith, becoming ungodly… Is where we are. The globalists. The terrorists. The traitors.

    Basically: mudfossils.
    Long story short… The megalith story we’re told about hopeless slaves carving giant structures out of mountains is yet another establishment cover-up, as part of a greater effort to disguise the islamification of the world and also normalise concepts, like slavery. Such structures were once glamourous and not made of just stone. They looked just like our civilisations today, if not even more impressive. To understand this, see these (unordered):

    So that’s a lot of information to take in, which completely fucked with my head as it contradicted everything I thought I knew. Just like every damn one of these cover-up Psyop false flags we’re consistently fed. Once I got my head round it though, it makes perfect sense. Logical, scientific sense. No ancient aliens. No flat earth. No creationism. No weird unproven nonsense. Just the official, historical stories. Told in all sacred texts. The nephilim and fallen angels.

    Now here’s a Richplanet video, with a guy who understands this theory. About the pyramids:

    Then this theory, which aligns with them as possibly having a space port or being a space communications centre, before they became imprint-fosilised, mud-rock versions of their once-masterful-selves.

    As someone who has always been fascinated by the sacred geometry tied to these things… This theory absolutely fascinates me.
    Remember they have perfect acoustics. Resonating frequencies here, we could be talking about teleportation or portals. It’s precursor alright. Or just a very well functioning machine, in its day.

    Once I discovered this, I was finally happy to have some satisfactory answers about how all these ancient sites were built. Then the other day, I see this video. Israel. Up to their usual dirty tricks. Finally, with this new knowledge, it all slides right into place:


    Seriously. This is some masonic, knights templar level coverup. I never thought Assassins Creed game plots were so bitingly close to the truth until I then watched this video:

    I know the megalith mudfossil thing is nuts and sounds crazy. There’s no way to tell people you believe this without being utterly ridiculed. But it’s not ancient aliens, flat earth or any silly bollocks. It’s not some unproven, unverified secret carving and log-rolling technology. It’s science, logic and… confirms the entire nephilim fallen angel story, outlined in all sacred texts. It even explains things, like giant skeletons being found and the Chinese tomb where the guy had wrist watch “made of stone” (lmfao).
    Also see: Soft-body fossils. Mudfossils are a real thing.

    The suppression of digital media, censorship of online content and anything which contradicts their global war effort or false re-written historical narratives.. It threatens them enormously. This runs deeper than even I thought possible and I’ve always been this cynical.

    Also, here’s a bonus resource I discovered. Plato. Of all the based philosphers throughout history… Knew this legend:

    “another race rise [humanity, after the era of Atlantis], destroyed by an invisible power moving in the air”

    He’s talking about 5G. Or, maybe radiation.

    Thanks for reading. I’m not asking you to believe. Just putting it out there. This exists.

    RIP, Never forget:

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    Also, I forgot a couple of points.

    Note from the Richplanet video: The proposed Merkabah shape of the capstone and significance of the capstone / masonry logo on the dollar bill.
    This feels a bit familiar… Hmmm…. HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT, MOCKING US, AS PER USUAL.

    This is why we’ve always had artificial “communist threat” forced upon us since WW2. Trump and Kim’s peace talks threw a giant spanner in those works recently. Now we are forced to focus solely on Russia – who are the main threat to them. The only empire to adopt strong Christian / Pagan faith in these times. Along with Asia’s, the only real places in the world to actively reject Islam and still resist other religions, as best they can. They back Syria, the only Christian community left in the middle-east. They go against all the globalist plans. That is why they are apparently such a danger to us. They don’t have plans to invade us. Certainly not to the degree we’re already being invaded by vengeful refugees and economic migrants.

    If anyone has any questions or would like further viewing then ask away. My research into this is ongoing and I may update this thread as I find interesting things.

    RIP, Never forget:

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    Oh look. It’s happening.

    Thanks to whoever posted this in chat today.

    Also: Allah is Lucifer.

    RIP, Never forget:



    Some stuff, I would like to watch there. I would say do not dismiss flat earth. The earth is definitely not what you see in the NASA images. Personally I believe the earth is flat as there is no sign of it curving in to a ball, but it could be a bigger ball than we are told.

    We need to correctly identify the beasts of Revelation though definitely.

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    Thank you for the interest – these videos are highly worth watching. There’s also many more on their channels.

    I remain divided on Flat Earth. Have never looked into myself but you may be pleased to know.. Wise Up (who does most of the videos linked above) is fully on-board with Flat Earth. Here’s his playlist on that. He’s a very persuasive man, so I’m sort of afraid to go there just yet haha.

    Currently… Relativity makes sense to me. It’s a little different to Einstein’s stolen theory but the whole spinning balls, spinning solar system and centrifugal force makes sense. G-force is a real thing you can test yourself. Gravity is not real though. Gravity is just a measure of this force, relative to your atmosphere and position in space. Whereas forces like magnetism are indeed real, as they can be created.

    Anyway yes. Traitors out. Immediately. Starting here. We are the source.

    RIP, Never forget:

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    It goes without saying… No matter how you look at it, Islam are real shitty for destroying all this ancient history.
    By no means is it just them. All throughout history, even we have done this. Islam are just the most proactive about it and continue to do it to this day – as we saw with destruction of sacred sites in Syria. More worringly, we are backing and funding the groups who commit this destruction. Then we have Israel, quietly burying archaeological reports. The evil forces are seriously all in on this, together. It’s now at the point where we have “multiculturalism” eroding away national identities – in favour of theirs!? Look at the secular society here in Britain. There is almost no British identity left and it is just the same confused blur, across all of the Western world. Then, if you have enough balls to remain patriotic and proud of your heritage.. Well.. It’s got to the point where you can even be locked up for it now! Don’t let someone call you an islamophobe just because you’re a patriot and don’t want refugees raping white kids. It is this polite tolerance that has let it get this bad and allowed a substantial lie like this be taught as common, widely-accepted knowledge. It enables them to destroy these world heritage sites, all in the name of money, saying “oh they’re just rocks”.

    So, lets get more into the science of mudfossils here.


    A mudfossil, is essentially a Trace Fossil. Trace fossils are proven real. Most sources never state that it can happen to anything though; they always focus on biological forms or footprints. Quite clearly, if a footprint can become a trace fossil… So can a building. Conveniently, such sources never say it couldn’t happen to a building. There’s also lots of mineralised artefacts too. This is why people are confident enough to call this a theory and not a hypothesis.

    Also, for anyone confused by sacred geometry or just thinking that’s weird kooky spirit science…
    The golden ratio is undeniable, proven theory. Absolutely 100% true. They figured it out easily as early as the Greeks: ϕ. Phi was even a letter in their own alphabet.
    A Mandelbrot fractal, based on variations of the golden ratio can easily mimic nature. Do you know what happens when you cube that fractal and make it 3D?
    Literally natures geometry. Use some biological material or minerals instead of those numbers and there you go.

    There’s also metatrons cube. Metatrons cube is a shape, from which you can get the shape of all minerals and cellular formations in the entire uninverse. This is taught to us in schools, in a needlessly complex way. Yes, the science behind it is interesting and useful but geometry was teaching this to our ancestors for centuries. Which is why, the reintroduction of geometry into the UK school curriculum has been so controversial.
    The full metatron shape, with no circles just the straight edges, is mateys proposed capstone shape. A merkabah.

    Charles Kos came back with another great new video. Interesting one, furthers his theory. He talks as well about how old the pyramids are. A new type of dating technique puts them at around 20,000 years old – if it is accurate. He thinks they may be older still….and I think these numbers are just dates of how long it has been a trace fossilised version of what it once was.
    Also, as he speculated about the covering being a radiation shielding, I truly believe the pyramids were some kind of quantum science machine. Quantum entanglement quite possibly. Who knows but I feel we are definitely approaching quantum science all wrong.

    Also, check out Fungal Intelligence if you get a chance. Not really related but certainly interesting and has implications.

    As for petrification and turning to stone.. It’s hard to know if it happened to living things (as MFU suggests a lot) but it is definitely possible (with the recently deceased).

    I’m having this discussion on another forum and also wanted to share these two posts:

    Few high points. There have been images of temples with similar enough architecture to have practically been side by side, standing on opposite sides of the world. I’m not sure why someone would need a Bible to make an argument for shared ancestry on this, but I’d recommend you check out something like Michael Heiser’s Unseen Realm Seminar, or the book of the same name. About six bucks on Amazon for a kindle version, but the audio book I’m told is free WITHOUT an audible trial. I recommend it because it has a lot of references to other scholarly material, doesn’t assume shit out of the blue, and may help get to the heart of the Nephilim bit, which we seem to be fixating on.

    Over the course of that, you’ll learn the Ancient Near East concepts of what the Nephilim, otherwise known as Annunaki, were, and what they were said to have done by both the ancient residents of Ur, Assyria, etc., and the Biblical writers — which is basically to teach men all sorts of knowledge.

    The societies held to have been destroyed in the Flood, dispersed at Babel, etc., worshiped these Annunaki (who we are told later persisted after the flood to be worshipped, including Tammuz) and held that their gifts were what made their empires great, but the Biblical writers shook their heads furiously; sure, the architecture and technology wasn’t bad on its own, but it only facilitated the people’s murderous, licentious tendencies toward moral evil. Notice it does the same thing today, left unmolested. And don’t get them started on the homosexual rape bit we saw with the story of Lot at Sodom and Gomorrah.

    For a related ancient gay love story, see Epic of Gilgamesh.

    If one were to presume the usual out of Africa model, which interestingly reads like a generalization of the out of Eden narrative, a mass migration event such as Babel, there’s not an issue with all these various sites using a LOT of the same architecture, half across the world. Of course they did; either A, it just worked, B, cultural exchage of ideas, or C, they took it with them. No need to assume they arose in isolation.

    Also, to those saying this is an excuse to shove Bibles, religions, and other miscellanae down your throat, that just seems unnecessary, not to mention impossible. How am I supposed to shove my particular religion when it is not only immaterial but completely tangential to discussion about ancient history, architecture, and textual resources, which the Bible is?

    At this point.. I should mention that the Nephilim are not dumb violent Red Haired giants, as you might have been told. Basically, just forget most of “scientific” history that you may have been taught. The Nephilim were the Anunnaki, aka, the original Angels that fell from heaven. The Gods. Described in all cultures and which all ancient culture – the world over – is quite clearly aligned to.

    Her 2nd reply:

      Yeah like in Greek mythology refering to Prometheus who taught humanity now to create fire… Ancient races of giants seem to permeate through all of European mythology and middle eastern myth as well… I’m genuinely fascinated by the subject…

    Basically yes. Careful what you read though. Try to stay in scholarly sources — not because lay people never get anything right, but you’ll often see people like Zecharia Sitchin distorting the sources, even misrepresenting them entirely, to imply an ancient alien origin. If you dig this kind of material, Mike Heiser’s lectures are definitely on your spectrum.

      But I don’t study as often as I should… I’m interested in everything related to ancient giants particularly in Slavic regions Russia in particular… I have a theory I need to test… If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it…

    Interestingly, now this is hearsay at the moment as I haven’t bothered to fact check the claim, but the story goes that we get our English word “slave” from “Slav.”
    But do go on with that theory.

    Also, very interested to discuss megaliths here. I forgot to mention in an earlier post that I have not personally seen evidence that the megalith stories have been put out there to normalize an Islamic slavery — but I have noticed that it trends well with Masonic, aka Luciferian ideals. That usually trends to ancient alien talk though, which leads us back to Nephilim, who would not exactly qualify as aliens so much as supernatural entities who allegedly interbred with humans to create giants, notably Nimrod, who can easily be understood as the protagonist of the epic of Gilgamesh, not to mention a builder of big cities, ziggurats (which both of those temples up above would resemble nicely), and a prime figure in Illuminati/Luciferian religious ideas, if we’re talking modernity.

    The same figure has been worshipped as Tammuz and Osiris if my brain is not being utterly stupid rn. It’s late.

    If interested, read up on Tammuz worship. The idea is, Nimrod was this awesome king who could tear lions limb from limb, was killed (we assume by Seth), his wife allegedly copulated with his dead body — or had some sort of virgin birth (probably to cover up adultery but it has been a while since I read these sources, bear with me), claimed her husband’s spirit was still alive, and had all sorts of debauched sex rituals, which was common in these societies worshiping the heavenly host, and started the Chaldean Mystery religion. Basically, esoteric paganism, complete with the same kind of sex cults we see as far as Rome up until Constantine (and a ways after) and still practiced in some far removed permutation by some Celts (or just pagans in general) until the RCC swept in and baptised portions of the rituals as Catholic tradition.
    Same reason popes and bishops will wear Dagon fish head mitres, lol.

    It also is sensible that each time a culture moved, they brought their gods, idols, and rituals with them. This is why we see tons of gods with similar mythos, to the T even, across continents. Particularly interesting is that we now have an idea of who the Philistines were, migrating from the Aegean, perhaps from around Minos or Crete, to the Levant in the 12th century BC. From Minoan art alone, you can easily see they were involved in worship of a bull god, perhaps Molech, basically a minotaur.

    It should be quite obvious the group we know as the Templars, some of whom also went on to form the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Freemasons, novus ordo seculorum style, picked up much of their occultisms from the pagan traditions not washed away by the seed of Seth, Israel, and later Christendom.

    She’s a smart lass, who lost faith and found it again after tons of research. This is cutting edge stuff and..quite clear indication that the establishment are willing to deceive on a global, four dimensional scale.
    Sorry, this was a long one lol.

    RIP, Never forget:

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    Thanks etch wow you have been busy if the basis of all our knowledge is the grasp of the understanding that you are alive and dead at the same time ,all atoms are in motion so when dead you are still vibrating as the rocks and all you can see in your reality , the one thing about human thought is anything is possible the information that is already there can and will be manipulated to certain ends ,just be true to yourself and you will not go far wrong KOR F

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    Yes indeed Frank. This physical vessel is just a manifestation of soul. Almost all people are born into this world with love and some kind of warmth but many are quick to turn cold in this harsh society.
    As all of our resources here prove, it is a deliberate effort. Indoctrinated from a young age. Flawed education systems. This has been going on for decades, if not centuries.

    I would just like to clarify that I am not trying to push any religious agenda with this theory. I am merely stating that Christianity tells the true story. As do many others. Ra mythology is probably fairly accurate. Paganism went a bit weird but it had all the information. The Torah is what most religions are based on.
    The issue with Islam is that the Quran has had many revisions — which jihadis ignore and say it has never changed and they are forcing us to accept this in our society.

    What this theory does prove, is that we need serious revision and re-eximantion of all ancient and religious scriptures, with todays modern understanding of science and the universe. It’s very clear from this that these were not aliens. This stuff was all built by humans [and giants] and the Gods were some kind of higher humanoid species. Perhaps more akin to Quantum Scientists than Gods. The keystone in this whole thing, being Charles Kos’ observation about Chromosomes:

    The only religion I would really denounce is Satanism / The Occult. It is them doing all this. They are weaponising the Sunni Muslims, causing all of the social and political issues. They’ve allied with Jews, through freemasonry, to give them a bad name. Most religious people are willing to move on from medieval philosophies. Not Satanists though. They do it all under the guise of good intentions and have been fighting for control since the beginning. Lucifer himself, thrown out of Heaven because he wanted to be worshipped [as God]. Disgraceful.

    The reason this theory convinces me is because it’s the only one, from the many theories I have read and many medias I have watched, which holds any scientific and historical merit. The only one that accounts for giants and elongated skull people. The only one that really shines any light on why the Smithsonian and Natural History museum cover those things up, offering no believable explanation for archaeological finds. This legitmately checks out with a load of modern science & history. While simultaneously proving a load of what we’ve been taught to be complete lies (as everyone has known all along – the “official explanations” for these things have always been laughably pathetic).

    Here’s a 7 hour video. Took me weeks to get through. It explains how Christianity forewarned of these events and a very scholarly look at the ancient story in relation to modern times [of 15 years ago]:

    Important still from that video, if you’d prefer to do the reading:

    Lastly.. Some speculation of my own.
    This case. This bag. Whatever this thing is. This is amazing:

    I’ve been looking at this and looking at ancient symbols of protection/prosperity:

    Based on the designs, I think its possible this was a case which carried the Eye of Ra. Eye of Ra being female counterpart to the Sun God, Ra.

    If not the Eye itself, it was some sort of portable version, which bestowed great wisdom (In Assassins Creed, this is the Apple of Eden). I believe this, due the common theme of sun/stars + eyes on the case and the fact the Wise One is always depicted holding an eye shape, rather than circle.

    Going out on even more of a limb here.. I think it’s possible that these pre-columbian genetic disks (below) are something to do with the Sun God Ra himself. Possibly later recreations, based on the stories. There’s a lot of Egyptian imagery with disks and circles, associated with Ra. Which, again, goes back to Charles Kos’ thoughts on centrifuges and Quantum Biology.

    Also, on the subject of Ra. Their mythology states that the pyramids were initially built to stabilise the Earth’s spin / trajectory. Bearing in mind, there are pyramids all over the world and they always align to constellations, etc. Furthering the confirmation of super advanced Quantum Science level civilisation.

    Maybe these ones still work?

    RIP, Never forget:

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    purple hoax


    You will be interested to hear Dean Henderson in this panel discussion.

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    Did you ever have a look at the Nimrod thread I started a while ago, its quite relevant to your own thread. Also chapter 15 from the book of Enoch, I didn’t really grasp how important it was until I properly understood it.

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    Did you ever have a look at the Nimrod thread I started a while ago, its quite relevant to your own thread. Also chapter 15 from the book of Enoch, I didn’t really grasp how important it was until I properly understood it.

    Good link, cheers for that. I am reading through the other post at the moment. I’ll be sure to share it with the other person too, whose post I shared previously.
    That link in the second post doesn’t seem to be working, maybe I will check on mobile or other system.

    and nice one @purple-hoax that was awesome, I watched the whole video! Twice now haha. I have heard Dean Henderson speak before, about similar things but not that video. He smashed it. I’m not entirely sure about his stance on Sumerians; there’s a few theories about who they were. A friend of mine believes they were originally the neanderthal type man and humans were originally servants of annunaki which defected. There’s a few angles on Sumeria, which I haven’t looked into the science of specifically yet. The Garden of Eden story is starting to read almost like a [quantum] science experiment in my mind now. With such advanced science, it’s possible these guys just came and terraformed the whole planet then made a bunch of stuff to go on it and it started there in Sumeria or Sumeria is the earliest recording of it. Jonathan Revusky raised some good points too, about fake news.

    Quick update on sacred geometry again. There is so much of this stuff. These have been introduced in modern science through other names. Certain fragments have various names in different fields. It’s a bit of a nightmare.
    One thing which is particularly interesting is Pythagoras Spiral. It’s a polygon drawn by plotting each square root in sequence. It kind of loosely matches the Fibonacci sequence [the golden ratio].

    Which is a nice lead up to this video here:

    Another particularly interesting thing I once looked into was the shape of magnetism. Which happens to be the shape of energy. The most sacred geometric shape, which is also impossibly hard to create. That is, a Torus Hyperboloid.

    These things are also heavily tied to Kepler’s and Poincare’s work (which is who Einstein stole relativity from).

    Also I looked into those bermuda pyramids a bit. Snopes seem convinced it was a hoax but.. It was also picked up on sonar as early as 1991?

    Bonus pictures, enjoy.




    ^ Platonic solids.. Before Plato ^

    RIP, Never forget:

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    I dont know where the link went sorry.

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    purple hoax

    Spotted this one in the Daily Fail. I found this quote amusing,

    “The Ancient Egyptians that built the pyramids more than 4,400 years ago were not aware of this quirk of design.”



    Hahahahahahahaha classic Daily Fail.

    Here’s a really fun video that just takes things to the next level:

    I wonder how the Egyptians did all that..?

    RIP, Never forget:

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