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    Regarding Children becoming ill this Autumn/Winter the CDC have been telling healthcare providers in the US that it is Acute Flaccid Myelitis. It seems they are rolling back on that as the ‘fact-checker’ are debunking it (it does not take much digging to find this from John Hopkins – https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/articles/acute-flaccid-myelitis-the-next-outbreak, so I am sure there is more to this AFM). I have Children and I can tell you now that they will not be injected with anything whilst I still have breath in my lungs and blood pumping through my Heart.

    That was a very entertaining read Andy, thank you for sharing your time away from us. Take care of you and yours.

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    Interesting about the RSV and asthma. I have noticed that whenever my son comes I get the wheezes and sniffles for a day or two (out come the inhalers) – he’s fizzed twice, he also gets the sneezes but is allergic to the cats. My mother does the same – wheeze and sneezes and I join in. Only lasts a short while – I reckon I’m adjusting to them, as once AZed husband and the second I know not what it was, I didn’t have any reaction to the first but I did get the wheezy sneezy second time around. It doesn’t bother me now, but I wonder if I’m allergic to my family. I’ve long known I’ve been allergic to them BC though! LOL! Would be interesting to see what happens when my daughter brings her husband along. She hasn’t been done yet, but I don’t think it will be long before she does. Then again it is probably psychosomatic!

    Can’t remember the day re the Spitcane, but I think it was towards the latter half of the week.

    I tried saving some ginger and even turmeric as they’d started to shoot. As usual I got side-tracked and the poor things dried up waiting for me to get around to it. We have some ginger in the fridge at the moment so I may just pick a bit off if it starts to shoot. Can always try washing it first if there’s anything nasty on there. The turmeric we get from Bampton grocers. HRH made ginger and rhubarb jam the other day – yum!!!! I always grate ginger into lemon and honey when I start a cold – funny, not had a cold for a while. Can’t think why!

    We have a spindle tree – but I don’t know if it had been hacked back and died – it was . . . spindly! I intend getting some more in any case. We have a few volunteer ash saplings so I’ll be uprooting them and transplanting them around. Willow also plenty of volunteers but I have no idea how far they’ve travelled! I have goat willow planted the other year, but that is near the veg way over the other side of the field – and they haven’t flowered yet!
    I have a dogwood – good idea. Also a hawthorn volunteer from our old house is looking good. We are quite exposed to the south and the west – west is where I’ve planted a fair few edible hedging shrubs and trees. Not enough but they are mostly surviving! I didn’t realise you could just stick an elder cutting in the ground and it will take – I’m going to try that – particularly as the duck pen with 2 young elder tree plants have been nibbled by the ducks. Muscovies are nibblers at anything. They are currently yanking off the plastic on the cage frame which shields them from the north winds. A chilly winter for them then! Although I need to rest that area for a while. Numbers to be reduced and transferred into field run 2. The bantams are enjoying being under the protection of the walnut tree. I say are – more like were. The squirrels have been bombing them with nuts. If you want target practice – you are welcome! The chickens are not amused. Add falling apples and they are in their little house run whingeing.

    Sounds a very productive time at the plot. Car sized compost heap sounds great! Good luck with all the cuttings. My rosemary cuttings have all taken – I’ve taken cuttings of rosemary over the years but they all failed. This time the lovely plant was being removed because of the building work, so it was a 50/50 chance of hopefully one to make it. I suppose I could make a nice hedge in the veg plot with it! Nice on an open fire or BBQ just for the scent! Hoping the cuttings of an old rose that was also removed have taken – they seem to be looking healthy enough – shooting out at the sides, so I hope not at the expense of roots! After all your cuttings I think I will go on the prowl for volunteer saplings! Well, when the misty drizzly stuff has passed!

    I haven’t had the same result as you when paying with cash just yet. When I’ve dished it out nobody complains and most are unmuzzled too. Not one has recoiled back in horror . . . yet. Then again when it is banned, I’ll still be a millionaire . . . well if I can find the Monopoly game that nobody likes to play – ooh Go For Broke also has cash of sorts (and a better game). We’ll just have to invent our own – before we get rounded up.

    As for funky spider webs:


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    Andy FSR
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    Cheers Horus – that Acute Flaccid Myelitis stuff is also concerning – hadn’t seen that.
    Rather coincidental that the flu nasal spray vax has been going into children since 2012 and AFM also started up in 2012 – hmmm, nothing to see here, I’m sure!
    A neighbour’s young grandchildren had hand, foot and mouth disease about 5 years ago too – looked nasty and I kept well away from them when I found out.

    Cheers again Koojie – yep, elder cuttings are one of the most successful I find – I stick all those prunings in the ground and nearly all will root. Contrasted with holly where I only get about one in ten that will take.
    Surprised you struggle to get rosemary cuttings going – I think the trick is to try to get roots on semi-ripe stems, i.e. where the new season’s growth has emerged from last years now woody material.


    They take quite well just in a glass of water too.
    Taking cuttings is one of my favourite gardening activities – they don’t take long to set up and it’s very satisfying creating loads of new plants for free just by repurposing the waste material when pruning. It’s an exercise in patience too, as it takes a couple of years to get from twig to useful plant, but I always now have waves of plants maturing for dotting about in the garden, in the hedges and the occasional bit of guerilla planting.

    This year all my apple, plum, currant and gooseberry prunings are going in the ground too – the apples and plum won’t be limited on how big they get as they won’t be grafted onto specific rootstocks, but my plan is to grow them on for a couple of years and then put them into clearings in the local woods and gaps in hedges for a bit of wild food. It’s another experiment, but it doesn’t take much energy and won’t cost anything – if it works it’ll make the £20-30 invested for each of those trees much more worthwhile.

    ‘Layering’ is also a useful technique with hedge plants – I’m managing to get the hollies and other things in my hedges to spread along by pinning down and part-burying long, low branches;


    Still no rain here – this dry spell has gone on a while now and I notice loads of apples fell off the tree out in my back yard – that was probably due to it drying out while I was away – can be a bit like ‘plate spinning’ trying to keep two gardens going in different locations. I need to get my auto irrigation systems sorted out for next year.
    We’ll probably get a monsoon season next now!

    Very, very quiet here in the Welsh Valley at the moment – unsettlingly so.

    EDIT: I forgot to say – I’ve seen those spider web photos many times, and it always amazes me the effect that caffeine had. I don’t know if spiders are particularly sensitive to it, but it’s a bit of a eye-opener to what this legal and socially normalised substance can do;


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    @Koojie, @Andy FSR, @horus, @Elle,
    Re weather: Flowering has been 4-6 weeks late for the last 18 months. Less Geoengineering, a lot less. Believe that if HAARP is in use the cloud gutters (if any clouds) will adjuxtapose each other, ie //\\, we have got winter mosquitoes hatching from mud puddles from previous season which is new in dry Canberra. Thoughts – Grand Solar Minimum or tilt in magnetic north. (I know nothing)

    Re children’s health: The Expose writes VAERS Report 600 American children have died while UK reports 3,000 at risk of life shortening myocarditis and in Australia our TGA reports 12 teenagers got myocarditis, but of course they could have had it from a virus already.

    Re New Diseases to expect I would add Kawasaki disease to Acute Flaccid Myelitis (isn’t that Billy Goats contribution to India?) and RSV surges. Are these all nerve and inflammatory related?

    Re My Latest Health tips: hot steam facial baths to assist decongestion so whatever it is dies in nasal passages and does not travel to lungs. Quecertin teamed with small dose of zinc (15mg) and NAC 1/4 tsp with Vit C first thing in the morning. I have an adrenal tonic as well.

    Re The vaxxed making me feel unwell – in the ‘terrain theory’ paradigm could this be a response to the ‘vibes’? I did get unwell when my grand kids got the usual childhood jabs. I have a nerve ending under my left nostril that tingles when I am vulnerable and being a child of the 50’s was well dosed with antibiotics and had my tonsils out. So maximum health and a sorted attitude is my approach. (both very hard to attain). Talking to others about risks brings my stress levels up, so I am very prayerful before I do that. However, when I watch the local news I don’t wonder that people are not awake to the blatant lies.

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    My clue that Kawasaki Disease may be a new excuse for Pfizer and Moderna etc is that it was flagged by our ABC Health Reporter. John Millward asked about it in January too.

    Millward. I used the search engine ‘dogpile’, and found:-
    1. A 2020 account of 58 children in the UK, average age 9. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2767209
    2. 2020 Australian mentions in April and September from ABC Health reporter Sophie Scott – see her full list of Covid-centric articles here https://www.abc.net.au/news/sophie-scott/167202?nw=0
    Her September article is slightly misleading as a reader could infer that there are multiple cases in Victoria, while later in the article stating there has been only one confirmed case.
    Quote, “The median age of the kids with the syndrome in Victoria is nine, and it is more common in boys, who are obese and with ethnicities other than Anglo-European.”
    Victoria has an ‘undisclosed number’ while at the same time Australia has only “one confirmed case”.
    I admit it is hard to confirm cases but the article is rather muddied in its presentation, raising alarm in parents.
    The full quote reads, with links to the USA cases.
    Quote “Paediatric infectious diseases clinician and researcher David Burgner, from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, says there has been one confirmed case in Australia and other possible cases are under investigation.
    Professor Burgner has told Australian Doctor there may have been other cases in the past, but those patients couldn’t be conclusively diagnosed as having PIMS-TS.
    “Every time there’s a possible case, doctors get together to discuss whether it fits the criteria,” he said.
    “Other cases have been discussed with varying degrees of certainty.”
    Doctors in Victoria have been urged to look out for children who might have the rare complication after it was reported in an undisclosed number of Victorian children.
    Cases of the syndrome usually increase in the months after COVID-19 cases peak in an area.
    It’s also worth noting that 186 cases of the condition have been recorded in the United States, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    That is out of more than 6 million cases of COVID-19 in the country.
    In the US, the condition is called Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children, or MIS-C.”
    End Quote from https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-04/pims-ts-kawasaki-covid-19-children-disease-australia-explained/12627610 The US link has little information. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/infographic-mis-c.html

    3. A 2020 article citing a small number of cases in infants in New Haven (USA?) in 2005. I think the point of the 2020 article was to raise an alarm for the health of children and reinforce a parental desire for the vaccine.

    Quote: “The association between coronaviruses and KD was hypothesized in the past; in particular, Esper et al9 in 2005 found a PCR positive for New Haven coronavirus in 8 of 11 infants with classic KD. Regarding SARS-CoV-2, recent reports suggest that it causes capillary inflammation in the lungs and skin, with complement activation through both alternative and lectin pathways.” End Quote. https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/146/2/e20201711.

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    I shared this at the end of as art related email to my art group. It is all official government info except for the link to Doctors 4 Covid Ethics, so I cannot be arrested for sharing fake news (just joking). A Christian in the group asked not to receive anymore emails like this and a friend who already has Guillain Barre syndrome from cancer treatment asked not to receive anything more like this. (I think she got quite angry too). One thanked me and I gave her more info, the rest were silent. I suspect that batches are mixed with placebo as not everyone is getting the ‘correct’ flu like response from the jabs so my alarmist perspective is easy to refute.

    Some of the links are courtesy to you guys, thanks.

    “Vaccine Confidence – we need to be open with the public about the facts.” Said Sir Christopher Chope recently in UK parliament….

    Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine
    To 5 September 2021, approximately 10.7 million doses of Comirnaty (Pfizer) have been administered in Australia. Reports of suspected side effects of the Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine received by the TGA are consistent with what has been observed in the clinical trials and by other medicine regulators overseas.
    Myocarditis and pericarditis
    Following investigations by the TGA and international drug regulators, a warning statement about myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) and pericarditis (inflammation of the membrane around the heart) has been included in the Consumer Medicine Information and Product Information for Comirnaty (Pfizer).
    These rare effects on the heart typically occur within 10 days of vaccination, particularly after the second dose of Comirnaty (Pfizer) and more often in younger men. While cases are usually transient and resolve following rest, some patients require treatment in hospital.
    We know that myocarditis and pericarditis are much more common with COVID-19 infection and damage to the heart is frequently severe after infection. ATAGI, in collaboration with Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ), have emphasised that the protective benefits of the Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine greatly outweigh the risk of these rare side effects(link is external).
    To 5 September 2021, we have received 370 reports of suspected myocarditis and/or pericarditis following vaccination with Comirnaty (Pfizer). Twelve of these reports were in children – 10 boys and 2 girls aged 15–17 years old. Five cases occurred after the first dose and 7 after the second dose. Reports of suspected myocarditis and/or pericarditis are reviewed to assess the relationship with vaccination. Myocarditis and pericarditis can occur due to other causes, including common viral infections, so it is expected that many reported cases may not be related to vaccination. We continue to monitor and review reports of suspected myocarditis/pericarditis occurring after vaccination and will communicate new information identified from our ongoing surveillance activities.
    We encourage people to seek medical attention if they experience symptoms that could suggest myocarditis or pericarditis This includes chest pain, palpitations (irregular heartbeat) fainting or shortness of breath after receiving the vaccine, particularly if they occur within 1–5 days. Initial tests for those presenting with symptoms include ECG, troponin and chest X-ray.

    Fabio tells, in 2 minutes, the story of his son – it is possible the son may have put up with the pain for too long, or not had access to blood tests and specialists.

    Fabio Berlingieri Tells his Sons Story – Pfizer Adverse Reaction

    Pfizer Adverse Reaction 15th June 2021 Aged 17 Years Old
    Severe Adverse Reaction: Myocarditis (Inflammation of the Heart). His troponin levels off the charts, at 9,000 (Normal is 40)
    He was required to get the vaccine in order to attend school and play soccer, developed a heart condition soon after getting the Pfizer vaccine.
    At first he thought his son had pulled a muscle playing sports. But when the symptoms persisted, he took him to a walk-in clinic. Doctors gave the teen an EKG, and found nothing wrong, but recommended he see a cardiologist the next day. The cardiologist did a sonogram, which again turned up nothing, then ran some bloodwork
    Berlingieri said they were told it would be two or three days before they got results from the bloodwork. When they did, it was “bad news.”
    “They called and said ‘your son has to get to the emergency room today,’” Berlingieri said. “I said today’s his prom, can he go later? They said, ‘no, he has to go now.’”
    After being in the hospital for several days, the high school senior “barely made his graduation,”
    The teen is still dealing with scar tissue.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed hundreds of cases of myocarditis or pericarditis, which is heart inflammation, have been reported in people under 30 after receiving the COVID-19 vaccinations.
    New Jersey, USA

    Is the vaccination of children – necessary – effective – or safe? From those qualified to report please read, “Expert evidence regarding Comirnaty (Pfizer) COVID-19-mRNA Vaccine for children”

    TGA Full Report of COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions and Deaths

    the above broken link may be found on the WayBack Machine Pfizer then stated that “risk was low for myocarditis”
    The advice from Pfizer itself regarding potential harm resulting in myocarditis has changed from ‘The chance of having this [myocarditis or pericarditis] occur is VERY LOW” to now stating “Post marketing data demonstrate increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly within 7 days following the second dose. The observed risk is higher among males under 40 years of age than among females and older males. The observed risk is highest in males 12 through 17 years of age.”

    Sir Christopher Chope’s proposed bill https://bills.parliament.uk/bills/2926

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    Just because I am cranky about this I will share it again as the above official Australian adverse reaction link is broken in the above UAP.Media.com.au link.

    This is the official DAEN report link from Australia to 7 August 2021.

    TGA Full Report of COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions and Deaths

    TGA full report of COVID Vaccine adverse events and deaths

    I find the 3 deaths listed on page 5 of the 73 page DAEN report as being caused by “General disorders and administration site conditions” is frightening in its elusive meaning. Were these the three teenagers videoed as collapsed in the mass vax centre at a huge stadium where a head shot of Premier Gladys was projected on a giant screen overhead, just like Big Brother in 1984 movie? Being one of the 2,400 in that setting would be enough to frighten a person to death. What are the statistical chances that a person would become blind shortly after a vaccine as did 33 Australians. I am hoping there are many hard working individuals assessing these reports however, they are most likely hobbled by a corrupt or blinded bureaucracy. May God save us.

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    Andy FSR
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    Thanks for all that, Janv.
    Always good to hear from you, and really interesting to get an update from where you are.
    So the growing season is late down there too – I don’t know if this is geoengineering or solar minimum stuff (maybe both even?) – quite concerning though.
    There’s a lot going on in Oz at the moment – much of it quite crazy.
    That business with the kids being rounded up and vaxxed in a stadium stands out as one of the worst things I’ve heard in the last 18 months – absolute Nazism.
    The footage on the UKC news today (the cops shooting at protesters, etc) was ‘next level’ – We are watching closely, as it will be coming here very soon most likely.
    Take cares, and I hope your people can pull together to overcome what is being attempted.

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    Wabbits, East Sussex
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    Forgive if this has already been covered but it is new info for me and may be very useful as it requires no power source 🙂

    In one video I watched the lady used water from her fish for the water solution which seemed clever, it’s full of nutrients apparently.

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    Andy FSR
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    Interesting technique, Wabbits – not seen that method before – cheers for that.
    I prefer the idea of growing in soil generally as the plants will possibly have a wider range of nutrients than hydro-grown food, but hydro can be very low work-input to high food-output.

    Cropped the runner beans again – another pile to blanch and freeze – there’s about 5kg of prepped beans in the freezer now I reckon, and my neighbour left a four pack of cider on my wall in thanks for the piles of beans and spuds I’ve left on his wall. (I think some of my neighbours here are ‘getting it’ now – I so hope they’ve taken my advice and prepped a bit).
    The runners are slowing down now as the light levels and temperature are starting to drop, so I’ll let the ones left on the plants (they were a bit big and stringy looking) carry on developing seeds for next year. They should be ready to pick and let dry out indoors in a couple of weeks, long before the frosts start.
    Might get another crop off the plants next week too.


    I read last night that my local A&E hospital has closed due to staffing problems, so my nearest hospital is now about 12 miles away. Shape of things to come I believe.

    I hope everyone has got car fuel – always best to keep the car topped right up and you can legally carry 10l in the boot of the car and 10l at home (last time I checked the law), as long as it’s in proper containers.
    If the fuel supply is malfunctioning, I can only imagine that other supply chains are at risk now.

    Just heard that the flu ‘live virus’ nasal spray vax is starting for children. I hope I’m wrong, but between that vax (contagious and potentially dangerous to anyone with a compromised immune system) and booster CV shots going into older and ‘vulnerable’ people (which will crash their immune systems for a couple of weeks, aside from any pathogenic priming issues with the mRNA), I am dreading what will happen next.
    They have been predicting a combination of flu/covid/RSV as this winter’s medical crisis, so this is what I’m expecting to see starting soon – ‘covid cases’ will start rising again in ten days to two weeks if what I’m thinking comes to pass.

    And since They are saying ‘We don’t want to have to lockdown at half term’, it’s looking like the next lockup (maybe only a short ‘firebreak’ type one though) will come around Halloween. Again, I hope very much that I’m wrong.

    I’m currently hunkering down for the next wave – ‘winter is coming’, as Sith Twitty said the other week.

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    Andy FSR
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    Update on that last post.
    I went out for some shopping and a scout round.

    The local A&E is still open, after all – the report I read was from a few days ago so I guess they found some staff now.

    Petrol stations were at about 30% function around the area – out of the 8 I looked at, only 3 were open and one of those had no diesel. Short queues at those three, but they didn’t seem to be rationing or giving priority to NHS staff or anything. All fairly relaxed – no forecourt punchups or anything. Definitely no sign of the military.

    I don’t think my little car likes this new E10 petrol very much though. First time I’ve driven it with a full tank of the new E10 fuel and it was gutless and seemed to be missing a bit at low revs. The govt fuel checker tool says the new fuel grade should be OK in this car (a 2007 Chevrolet), but it didn’t feel right to me.
    I’ll let the tank run down to half, then next time I fill up I’m going to try some 97 E5 ‘Super’ petrol which still has the same 5% ethanol as the ordinary 95 E5 unleaded used to which has been replaced with 10% ethanol – and I’ll see how that goes as a 50:50 mix.
    Many people seem to think that you get higher miles per gallon with the higher octane fuel anyway, so the higher pence per litre price may well be balanced a bit with that (and hopefully not doing anything bad to the engine too).


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    Wabbits, East Sussex
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    Thanks for the updates Andy. Bean crop is impressive and I think it’s great that your neighbours are getting on board and appreciating ‘your ways’. Regarding the A & E, petrol etc.. so much of the fear porn is not witnessed on the ground which is heartening. I suspect the whiffs of bullshit in the air are resulting in outbreaks of common sense amongst the populous! But the jabs in schools are no laughing matter to be sure.. no words 🙁

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    Hi, everyone. In today’s episode of Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends, I talk with Jon Nilsson about all things soil. In this conversation, you will learn the basics of soil biology, why the Great Plains in the U.S. had the richest soil on Earth before the introduction of modern agriculture, and, most important, how you can improve your soil and get larger yields of healthier plants. I hope you can join us.

    Disclaimer: I am not great at typing and have not got a secretary.
    With age I care less about triviality as no-one makes it out alive.
    Have a jolly good time

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    Hi folks, we have a staircase reaching at its highest over 6 meters which is bereft of any adornments or decoration as I have tried to be Zen like however:

    I have been to a number of stately homes in the past where these areas were usually adorned with pictures of ancestors, stuffed animals and more importantly – weapons tools! Whilst I have not managed to convince the missus yet, it is my intention to emulate this historic and therefore legal precedent with some stuff purely for decorative purposes.

    I am starting here:

    Title: Adder, Stinger, GoGun: Breaking News!

    Peace and goodwill to all ‘good’ men

    Living in the UK? Timestamp 8:26

    I think it’s time to stop thinking chivalry and start thinking artillery!

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