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    How much more in our faces do we need??? System of desensitisation!!!

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    Who did this – and, more importantly who put him / her up to it – and for what purpose ? It’s evidence of a truly sick and depraved malevolent mind. And, yes…. it is ‘art’ – but only in the sense of being an ‘artful’ DEVICE as in the innumerable ‘arts’ and wiles of politics. Synonyms: contrivance, scheme, trick, tactic, stratagem, maneuver; subterfuge, ruse, dodge, feint, wile. What the hell is wrong with someone who would participate in this kind of thing ? The wrong people are being sectioned and scum like this escape the psychiatrists couch.

    If you believe your chain isn’t being yanked big time by the government and the bought and paid for mainstream media, then make a donation to the go fund me project to get the Eifel Tower moved to the top of Ayres Rock.

    Never has there been a greater need to escape the crippling mental illness of cognitive dissonance before it’s too late, by asking one simple question: WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS?

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    Does anybody know where this building is situated in Brussells? It would assisst ‘Public Citizens’ to investigate and perhaps make links.

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    I could not find it but I found this…which unless I am off the mark, looks to be the same building!!!

    Something extremely sinister going on in Brussels…..

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