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    Dear all, the following has just been sent out as an email newsletter. All feedback appreciated!!!

    Dear UK Column members and supporters,

    We live in increasingly interesting and dangerous times as calculated “change” politics are used to usher in forms of governance which are as far from the average definition of “democracy” as it is possible to get.

    Terms like “fake news”, “post truth”, “populism”, “new right wing”, “common narrative” and many more are forced on an unsuspecting public by a corporate media unwilling to challenge government narratives and policy. Indeed, following a decade of collapsing readerships and advertising revenue, corporate media has reduced their editorial staff to a level where reliance on private sector and especially government press releases is an essential part of their business models.

    It is in this context that voices like the UK Column have become essential; no longer simply to hold government to account, but also the so-called “fourth estate”.

    The result, as you will by now be fully aware, is that mainly western governments, led by the British government, have begun actively censoring voices which offer a narrative which is counter to their own, via pressure placed on social media platforms, payment processors, as well as through attacks published by corporate media and threats of direct regulation.

    For some time now, the UK Column team as been discussing how we might respond to the challenges and opportunities which arise from this “brave new world”.

    One major challenge comes from the fact that in recent years, to the detriment of our written output, we have put the vast majority of our effort into the UK Column News programme and, to a lesser extent, other audio and video formats, like Dispatches from the Front and Insight. We know that in the coming year, Ofcom is planning to renew its attack on video in particular; an attack begun against us in 2012 by its subsidiary, ATVOD.

    So today we would like to announce that UK Column will begin our push back against the restrictive bars of internet and media censorship by rebalancing our output and returning, to some degree, to our origins in print, with the launch of a new quarterly, full colour magazine: The Column.

    Our intention is to bring you articles from some of the best independent journalists around, some of whom you will know, and some totally new to a mainly British audience. We will also bring you interviews and commentary from activists and campaigners.

    The first edition of The Column will go to print in the second half of October and will be available to monthly and annual members with a significant discount on the cover price, and free of charge to lifetime members.

    You will be glad to know that UK Column News programme will continue but as from this coming Monday our news broadcast will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only, at the usual time of 1pm.

    This new schedule will free up the time we need to work on the magazine, and give the badly needed capacity to produce written content for the website, new episodes of Dispatches and Insight, more live events, and make more effective use of social media while it is available to us. The website and the studio will get some much needed attention as well. We will let you know more very soon.

    We would like to thank all of you for the unwavering support you have given to UK Column over the years. We could not have done what we have up to this point without your support; moral and financial. We look forward to your continued support and very much hope that our new approach will draw in more friends, supporters, subscribers and donors.

    There is no doubt we are in interesting and increasingly dangerous times. There is a need for all of us to stand up and be counted if we are to expose, challenge and reverse that change agenda being imposed upon us. Truth, free speech and the power of the pen are our key weapons, coupled with courage, strength in numbers and a love for our fellow man. Can we all make a difference? Of course and we already have, which is why governments are now trying to silence us. With your help and support they will not succeed.

    Join us on this new UK Column journey – and bring some friends – as many as you can.


    Thanks Mike, I was wondering how UC would cope with impending incease of censorship. Glad to hear you are launching a magazine. Regards Helen.

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    UK Column Monthly Membership

    Thanks Mike sign me up the way the attacks at the moment will come from the state Harms paper you must know the consultation process will be a white wash of new online censors ,the state is now not to be trusted with the vital information the people need to make balanced decisions ,although we make fun of a very serious subject that affects us all through our monetary needs and our daily live-s we under stand this comes at a price for all at UKC the pittance you make to pay over heads must mean you are sometimes just that ,so I await the first Issue and don-t forget to add the P-P kindest Of Regards Frank—-

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