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    History seems to be repeating itself

    Financial Marshall Law: Is this the way the collapse will go ?

    It’s already being talked about in government and financial circles.

    If you believe your chain isn’t being yanked big time by the government and the bought and paid for mainstream media, then make a donation to the go fund me project to get the Eifel Tower moved to the top of Ayres Rock.

    Never has there been a greater need to escape the crippling mental illness of cognitive dissonance before it’s too late, by asking one simple question: WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS?

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    Did you spot the glaring omission?
    Like what the hell to do about it !

    Johnny Mac
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    This is just more fear porn bullshit. Get real! Not suggesting there aren’t going to be problems.

    But you lot crack on if you must – buy your silver and gold and bury it in the garden if you can afford it and think it will protect you lol.

    Perhaps give Alex Jones your hard earned cash and get all prepped up with his products for the inevitable doomsday scenario.

    Meanwhile I am going to continue trying to live a normal and frugal lifestyle, holding down a job and putting into a pension. The little extra I might have for anything outwith essentials and improving my property stays in the bank. I must be so fuckin naive!

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    I don’t know what to make of your piece Johnny?
    You seem to know things and then ignore that knowledge?
    I don’t know anyone who, knowing as much as you seem to, would blindly trust any bank if they had more than a couple of hundred quid in it.
    Cyprus, to name but one.
    Daily Mail one day ago; elderly woman diddled by the bank changing her terms and conditions on an equity release scheme, for two?
    Use a bank by all means, trust it, never!

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    Johnny Mac
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    As I said to Roman, apologies, I had a bit of a cynical head on last night and didn’t express myself the way I would have liked.

    I think I have issues with the above type of video and personalities who to my mind spread unnecessary fear but yet seem to capitalise on it themselves.

    I was a little surprised to hear this from Ron Paul, but then again he is a mainstream politician and probably controlled opposition.

    Fear, confusion and paranoia are I am sure tools the control system uses to divert us from rational and controlled resistance.

    Are things in the financial/banking world really about to get as bad as some of these talking heads make out? Maybe, but if so what can we realistically do about it to protect ourselves and loved ones?

    Accumulating gold and silver coins is all very well, but their value could be manipulated as easy as paper money/digital money/real estate etc etc. And then there is the problem of where you are going to stash it (if you distrust banks so much) and then trade it. You can’t eat it or warm your house with it.

    There are going to be some casualties for sure for ordinary people as well as those more wealthy who have made risky investments and stretched themselves too thin. Anything more than this and there will be riots in the streets, and perhaps then you might regret not having been a ‘prepper’ and handing in Grandad’s shotgun you kept in the attic all those years in the arms amnesty!

    But I doubt it’s going to come to that. And I am not going to alter my life on a whim cos I have watched a few too many scary youtube vids.

    What’s happened to ordinary folk in Ireland though is beyond criminal, and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that something similar could happen here.

    Do we just simply give up on banks completely though, as this could make matters far worse or try to improve them?

    Here’s what’s been happening in Ireland if you are not already clued up:

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    Just adding this for your consideration

    Venezuela’s “Death Spiral” Coming To Your Nation.

    Frank DiMora’s website

    September 15, 2016- Heading Toward no Food

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