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    Bristol schoolchildren are set to strike in protest against climate change for the first time since Greta Thunberg visited the city in February 2020.

    The protest will take place today (Friday, September 24) on College Green from 11am, and has been organised by Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate.

    🔴#LIVE Bristol schoolchildren to stage first climate strike since Greta Thunberg visit

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    Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate live – first protest since Greta Thunberg visit – updates



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    Last time College Green was left looking like a war zone. Poor kids don’t realise they are being played, to act as cheerleaders for the ‘green new deal’ and ‘great reset’. Any clot shot survivors among them are destined to ‘own nothing’ and exist in a state of chemically induced ‘happiness’, if more of us adults don’t wipe the scales from our eyes and wake up to what is really going on.

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    Augean Glower
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    The thing about snowflakes is they melt very quickly with your first breath.

    Edit: I hope they stay on strike indefinitely, but that requires conviction and integrity which they don’t have, they haven’t learnt anything except regurgitation.

    You can not be unvaccinated any more than you can be uninoculated.
    Listening to many, beholden to none.
    For CT's with free minds, SAGE & BASIL.
    Knowledge is power, together we are strong.
    Meaht Lieg Willnung.

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    Lord charles
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    These kids are just a pawn in this never ending game of deception they are all simply parroting the narrative they have been brainwashed with.
    I bet most of them couldnt even tell you the capital cities of the world , these kids know fuck all today except how to message shite to each other on their Mobile phones that they carry round with them like a baby carries a Dummy.
    They dont know it yet , but they are all Fucked if this bullshit doesnt stop.
    They are literally sleepwalking into a percieved picnic that turns into a Genocide.
    You simply couldnt make this up how gullible people are, and devoid of critical thinking skills.

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    Brainwashed youth.

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    Brainwashed youth.

    Right now it looks more like a lost generation.

    I’m counting on the north for nowse 😄

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    These children need to watch star wars attack of the clones. Specifically the bit where Jar Jar grants Palpy emergency powers. It might be off the wall enough and far enough away from their agenda to get the message through that letting the government have emergency powers is a bad thing.

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