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    So the changes to the licence fee are worrying! We need to defund the BBC – not change the rules on the penalties for not paying it!….

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    Disband, not defund.

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    Ray, Co, Armagh, N.I.
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    I think it would be better if it would just turn to dust, like the world trade centers, they just turned to dust.
    Anyway we won’t need to worry about credit ratings if Boris gets his way it will be social credit ratings.

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    αγάπη ή όχι
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    Kwik mathss

    Credit = Usury

    0 = not in deficit

    Struggles with twats
    Come sit down beside me I said to myself, and although it didn’t make sense,
    I held my own hand as a small sign of trust, and together I sat on the fence
    Michael Leunig

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    Sneaky. I never would never have figured that out lol. I can imagine the BBC has been forced to make a concession by the recent fall in respect of them and would have just took this move as that.


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    Before anyone gets ‘taken to court’ they have to identify who they want to take that action on. If they have identified a person they have to provide evidence to the court that the allegation is true.

    If they come to your door just tell them you do not wish to contract with them and tell them to leave your property. Anyone who calls at your property have no right to know your name, unless you are suspected of a crime and evidence is provided.

    The TV Licence goons have no power, don’t give them yours.

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    This is interesting, does it mean that there are plans to include other things like missed council tax payments and rent payments on the future social credit score?

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    Could someone please explain to me what the issue with the BBC licence is? I don’t watch the BBC or TV in general, so I cancelled my TV licence a long time ago and don’t feel I am missing anything. At the moment it’s not illegal to cancel your licence. I understood everyone can do it. If you don’t watch TV, it’s fair enough that you don’t pay for it. If people watch the BBC and that’s how the BBC is funded, i.e. by way of a separate tax, then it’s made clear that we have to pay for it. Or is the issue that there are people, who want to watch it but not pay for it? Or is the BBC planning to make people pay for the licence and make it mandatory regardless of whether you watch it, i.e. without an option to cancel? I am confused.

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    The issue with the tv licence is that you need it to watch live TV so if you want to watch channel 4, ITV, sky sports etc you need a licence. So its not just needed to watch the shite on BBC channels not that any of the mainstream channels are worth watching that much anyway (apart from in my case certain sport). Also I think but maybe mistaken that you need a licence to watch anything (legally speaking) live this could be a football match streamed on amazon, a live feed on youtube or watching uk column news live etc. you are fine to watch none live and on demand services which are not made by the bbc. So you can still watch uk column news but it would have to be after it has finished if you don’t have a licence. If it was just for bbc services then I would be fine with that but they would not do that as they no full well that licences would decline dramatically. Also the BBC has its cake and eats it as it has money from the licence yet has a streaming service it joinly owns with ITV called BritBox so gets more money if you chose to subscribe from programs which should already be paid for by your lience fee. The BBC is also a complete abomination and no one should really pay the TV licence on principle.

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