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    purple hoax
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    Just found a video of ITV interview with the originator of the razor blades story (Layla Stokes – not their real name, afaik)

    Great find Andy.

    I don’t wish to sound prejudice (even though I must be), but she looks EXACTLY how I would imagine her to look given her personality type & agenda. LOL.


    Another Username
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    From the July BBC article, we are expected to believe that this woman managed to actually see a GP for a cut on the hand ?

    hahahahahahahaha !




    She is an attention seeker…..

    She wrote: “Taking the p*** out of conspiracy stickerers!

    “Took down or covered 270 of the b****** in Cardiff City Centre, replaced with a variety of funny stuff!

    “No more blades too, which is reassuring :)”

    A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said: “On Wednesday afternoon a 21-year-old woman reported being cut by a razor blade found glued to the back of a poster.

    “Her hand was cut while removing the poster from a pedestrian crossing in Cowbridge Road East, Canton, on Tuesday evening.

    “Unfortunately the woman no longer has either the poster or the razor blade. Officers will be checking CCTV.”

    Yup, she was not seen on CCTV, no proof apart from her cut hand and a poster with a razor blade stuck to it.

    Cops should have investigated the poster.

    Most of the reports of the razors behind posters are FAKE.

    The only incident which happened was a Liverpool nationalist who sent envelopes with razor blades to Jewish people in the 80s.

    PS you would keep the razor blade as it would have DNA on it, if not a print. Same for poster.

    She dumped them – makes no sense unless it was an own goal.

    Hundreds of cases of people making out they are victims of racist or anti Muslim Semitic attacks who were found to be making it all up.

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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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