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    • Book Reviews
      This group provides the means for members to publish reviews of relevant books they have read. Here's a useful guide from the University of Reading regarding citation formats:
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    • Brighton
      A local group that meets in Brighton. venue TBA
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    • corrupt social workers in the uK
      A group dedicated to exposing the criminally corrupt UK social workers that are targeting your children for financial gain
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    • Richard adcock Forster Music Teacher and Sex Offender
      This group is set up to promote public awareness about this person, he trades as a music teacher to children but will not discolse his CRB /DBS certificate, the reason being, it will show that he has a sexual offence involving a child recorded with Durham Constabulary, It seems very sinister that he continually targets children as his clients, If you have concerns about this person please contact me by private message , if you are considering this person as a music teacher to your children, INSIST ON EXAMINING A CURRENT CRB/DBS CERTIFICATE
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    • The Docherty's – Justice for Brian and Janice
      We are a group of individuals that object wholeheartedly to the state-sponsored kidnap of the Dochertys' children, and the illegal imprisonment of Brian and Janice Docherty. Brian and Janice made a police complaint that a paedophile neighbour (in Scotland) had tried to buy their young son for a large sum of money. What followed is harrowing. The family were persecuted, by the police and by social services. In the background was the Scottish aristocracy, pulling levers. Driven to Ireland the family were eventually hunted to ground and the children seized. Brian and Janice have been mercilessly tormented, but they fight on. We have a duty to carry their flag, and to spread their story far and wide.
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    • The truth about uk social services
      This group is for people that have had dealings with corrupt social services and the truth was never told. corrupt social services stole my son a year ago and placed him with the man who sexually abused me as a child, my father. the colluded with my family and lied and falsified evidence to use in court. you cant win a fight if social workers can get away with lying in court but i can tell the world the truth. join me in revealing the truth
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    • 7 months ago

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      If there is anyone in the Chesterfield (Derbyshire) area interested in becoming a group member of like minded individuals willing to meet occasionally for discussions about 'real' news topics i'd be happy to hear from you. If , unlike me , you find it hard to open up about difficult subjects , due to feeling intimidated by work colleagues and acquaintances , then it would be good to feel that your points of view would be heard and discussed in a civilized and non-confrontational atmosphere of open minded , receptive individuals . No takers at the moment , i'm just putting out feelers.
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