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Hi, I have been watching the excellent UKC News for a couple of years now (apologies for not joining earlier). Keep up the FAB! work guys. Hope people can make the Freedom Rally in Glasgow this Saturday 8th January.

TinaGee 3rd January 2022 3rd January 2022 Freedom Rally
The so-called disease-causing viruses have not been scientifically proven

Google translate – The article is intended to give an overview of how long the assumption of a “virus” has existed, how conventional medicine defines the “virus” then and now and how Germanic Medicine®, discovered by Dr. med. Mag. Theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer, “Viruses”, which in truth are nothing more than harmless protein compounds, leads to absurdity. After a […]

CP 20th December 2021 20th December 2021
The misinterpretation of antibodiesörper-07-12 Google translate A close look at the antibodies is more important than ever today! After I have already shown in my other articles that there is no proof of the existence of a disease-causing virus, since Koch’s postulates have not been fulfilled for any of the alleged disease-causing viruses, the “antibody” card is played by the vaccination advocates. Your […]

CP 19th December 2021 19th December 2021
CP 18th December 2021 18th December 2021
The flu vaccination

The flu vaccination is not only useless, those involved know about it❗️ All readers of Corona_Fakten are familiar with the fact that to date there is no scientific evidence of disease-causing viruses. We have presented this in detail and, above all, comprehensibly in many of our articles. Most of the information in the following article assumes the current narrative that […]

CP 15th December 2021 15th December 2021
interview with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei

“Dr. Lanka asked me to refer to this interview with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. There are indications that must be taken seriously that China is not only successfully steering the world economy, but has also understood the momentum of virology and is using it specifically against “the West”.” Google translate ( Google translate. “Switzerland is the most […]

CP 13th December 2021 13th December 2021
Dr. Stefan Lanka about the pseudo scientific religion of “Virology”- True Healing Conference 2021—True-Healing-Conference-2021:e Extracts  and paraphrasing   “We have an inbuilt framework of misconceptions from 2500 years ago  that does not allow us to see the reality in biology  and medicine. How to escape out if these concepts that are very dangerous for everybody. If you believe that molecules inside your own body are turning into a terrorist group called cancer , […]

CP 21st November 2021 21st November 2021
The voice of dissent

I am the voice of dissent. I see that you are hell bent on your elaborate plan to de-humanise man. I am the voice of dissent. I do not invite you to rent any part of my sovereignty. Natural human, that’s me. I am the voice of dissent. Your intrusion I wholly resent. Your ‘protection’ I do not need and […]

Red Willow 19th November 2021 19th November 2021 The voice of dissent
Papers Please!

Maybe you’re ready to read this now You ignored these poems a year ago you tutted and scoffed and tore them down, you laughed like I was some kind of clown. Its not so funny though, is it now, when you’re coming to realise just how you STILL dont seem to have freedom back, and you’re being coerced into mandatory […]

Red Willow 19th November 2021 19th November 2021 Papers please
Perspectives 2

My friend, its all in the perspective We have always been connected Through the cycle of wind and water, fungus, virus and bacteria You say ‘we’re all in this together’ then pathogens are just part of the weather, Without them we could not survive, You’ve simply moved your division lines Empty space is not so empty There are pathogens […]

Red Willow 19th November 2021 19th November 2021

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