by Gordon Haskell

Confusing isn’t it? Well. It’s meant to be. But it needn’t be. Disregarding them all, we simply need a political party that recognises and encourages creativity and recognises and discourages destruction. That would be worth voting for.

The aim of those who deceive is power and personal gain. It is a trait of human nature that commonly destroys lives in everyday life. When used politically the outcome is more terrifying. We are heading for a dictatorship and a one world government. And Deceit is their weapon of choice. Under the guise of a cuddly socialist ideal, we will be led to yet another horrendous loss of innocent lives. The result of neo-Malthusian principles, yet another armchair theory being trotted out by our misguided and ignorant academia getting drunk on their fat grants and screwing their students. A man or woman who stays in a college all their lives, sheltered from reality, inevitably never grows up. The road we are currently on, is the same road that led to genocide of epic proportions in the past. The death toll in Communist China, Cambodia and the USSR ran into millions. And these murders were committed by your ordinary working man who currently lives next door to you. Right now. Fascism or Nazism was also Socialism under another guise claiming 6 million Jews, without mentioning ten times that figure through war and death camps. All of the above ‘isms’ were Socialist systems with the exception of Capitalism. Today’s Central Banks have shown their hand as being supportive of Socialism and have taken over the smaller Banks who once supported capitalism. The ‘Too Big To Fail’ bail-out was Socialism in action. A hand-out. Blaming it on capitalism was deception. In capitalism one is rewarded for success not failure. The Bail-Out was no different to dishing out the dole or social security. Hand the bill to the dumb tax-payer who isn’t paying attention and whom they despise anyway. But it gives the impression that Capitalism isn’t working, which is superb PR for those intent on deceiving, keeping their end game in mind. That’s what makes it look insane. With interest rates at zero per cent real capitalism cannot function but large corporations can benefit and the great transfer of wealth is taking place. The middle class disappears. The ultra-left can rejoice. Prior to their execution of course. The combination of corporations and government is fascism, or socialism using its Fabian disguise. Old school capitalism can therefore be blamed for all the greed and the famous 1%. It’s a big lie. But it will be enough to swing the vote and capitalism could disappear for decades. And nobody will own up to the great con. People who create anything could be viewed as quaint, something from the past.

We are headed for another cull of the population which will make both World Wars and the years in between pale into just a vague and inaccurate memory.

The socialists are happy to slaughter as many as 8 billion people for an ideology. They all followed Stalin’s orders, Lenin’s orders, and Hitler’s orders. The ordinary man, and now, our new women careerists emerging will be very good at giving and following orders. They are easily taken in. History has shown that. The politicians and the bankers will be happy presiding over an enslaved and gormless population whilst they indulge in every known sin to man along with enjoying their ill-gotten gains.

They have the motivation, they have bought up the media, they are masters of deception and they will destroy the world if we don’t act. They will create nothing but hell on earth. They are by nature destructive and because they are incapable of creativity they hate capitalism which rewards invention with good fortune. The thousands of bureaucrats employed by socialist systems produce nothing , draining what resources are produced by the creatives. The bureaucrats through their distorted and brain-washed minds make it difficult for creatives to flourish with masses of idiotic regulations until their entire world becomes one huge bureaucracy producing nothing at all. A huge parasite feeding off the carcass of humanity, thinking the Party will last forever. It won’t. The former USSR discovered this and tried to solve it by using forced labour in concentration camps. Rather than ever admit they were wrong, they continued the big lie for over 50 years. The Tony Blairs of our world are no different. He sees a hundred million in his pocket as his reward for destroying the free world. He doesn’t care. Yet he told the electorate he was ‘one of the people’. ‘Our mate’ He was the Chairman of The Fabian Society. The old logo was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We have to be clear what real capitalism used to be before it is destroyed forever. What is being portrayed as capitalism is a PR exercise designed by psychopaths paving their way to rule the world. There is nothing immoral about creativity or invention yet it is discouraged and very often blocked by a bunch of untalented jealous idiots. Highly paid idiots. Which is enough to make them happy and turn a blind eye to everything else.

OK. I’ll give you the best example I can think of from my own experience. The Beatles were and always will be the most successful creative force in music. They paid the Government 19 shillings and sixpence in the Pound from their earnings. EMI Records , supposedly the ‘enemy’ paid them a quarter of one new penny per record and yet failed as an enterprise and went into liquidation. Where did all that money go? Therefore capitalism didn’t work according to the PR and EMI were destroyed. The Beatles were destroyed. Who gained? Those shadowy lunatics behind the scenes pretending to be businessmen worshipping an ideology. The same shadows that are currently coaxing and coercing us with propaganda using that mother of all deceit, PR.

I say keep it simple. God versus Satan. Good versus evil….Creativity versus Destruction. Vote for a new political party who keeps it simple and doesn’t waver. They’ll clean up I’m sure.

Alternatively, please educate me and show me where I have gone wrong with my thinking. But it had better be good.


Main image: Memi Beltrame (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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  1. timefortruth 3 years ago

    An interesting post, I would say the principles are sound, but we are incapable of ruling ourselves correctly, we have been trying for around 6000 years.

    I accept some rulers have been better than others, but all have ultimately failed in some way.

    God’s Kingdom or government if you like is what is needed and it is what is coming. It’ll smash this system and replace it forever.

    And what’s even better if anyone in the future says that they think we should rule ourselves there’s the legal precedent of this time now to show it doesn’t work.

    Until that time we can spread the good news and help where we can.

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