For full members only: This is an unedited preview of a discussion between Brian and former Metropolitan Police child abuse whistleblower John Wedger recorded yesterday, 18th January 2018. John brings us up to date with events since we spoke to him for Dispatches from the Front.

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  1. barney 3 years ago

    Pray that God will reveal what man seeks to hide. John Wedger, a man of immense Integrity.
    We are being governed by treacherous pigmy MP’s and the ones who are supposed to protect us are complicit in their crimes. How low can Britain go before we sink into mire and disappear?!
    It will take a miracle for this nation to be turned around; so pray for one.

  2. Candide 3 years ago

    I am so pleased that John is now in a better place with pension assured and energised to continue the fight for justice for victims of these horrendous crimes up and down the country.

  3. treglown1 3 years ago

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to John Wedger for his bravery and to Brian Gerrish and his team for bringing this to the publics attention and for keeping this information as an ongoing subject.
    Without people like you these cover ups would be allowed to continue unabated.
    I sincerely hope that one day the people responsible for the child abuse and the people covering it up will experience the law coming down on them with an almighty force.

  4. lucianaeris 3 years ago

    Simply brilliant. Thank you UKColumn and John Wedger and all others working to put an end to this blight of child abuse.

  5. martin08 3 years ago

    So encouraging. I have watched with interest / concern including Melanie Shaw. Unfortunately, too many folk cannot afford the time or compassion. As was stated, WE MUST PULL TOGETHER – we can no longer depend upon Government’s or the majority of their hangers on to do the right thing by us.

  6. jbycroft74 3 years ago

    I’m so pleased to hear things are better for John 🙂 It’s very encouraging that more and more police officers are now coming forward after having been through a very similar experience. Real human beings with empathy. Huge hats off to you all, and to UKC for your all you do and your unwavering support for these whistle-blowers. You’re all fantastic. xx

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