Unable to personally attend a private talk for invited members of the public concerned with Satanic Ritual Abuse, Brian Gerrish was asked to produce a short documentary on the Hampstead Satanic Ritual abuse case. In this 45 minute video Brian sets out the key factors of the Hampstead abuse case, and places video and audio evidence from the Hampstead children alongside the testimony from other SRA survivors, as well as SRA evidence from other broadcast documentaries. His aim has been to make the video informative to both those who have suffered SRA, and know its vile realities all too well, and also to lay persons who may be just starting to understand more of this occult, but very real area of child abuse. Survivors of abuse, and others, must make their own judgement as to their capacity to watch without risks of emotional distress.

Brian’s video is measured, factual and has been created following Brian’s initial telephone conversations with the family, viewing of video testimonies by the children, and a lengthy personal meeting with the mother Ella and her partner Abraham within 24 hours of the children being taken by Social Services. Brian has also spoken directly with one of the children. Brian stands by his original statement that the testimony of this family was truthful, and that the abuses described by the children were real. That being the case, he views subsequent action, and indeed lack of action, by the police, child protection authorities and Courts as a carefully and cynically crafted cover-up, along the lines evident in other historic SRA cases.

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