Children's Services have a methodology and structure, aimed purely at the destruction of the emotional ties between the children and parents.
Sally Dicketts - Head Of Oxford & Cherwell Valley School
Alcohol consumed in classrooms, bullying, racism, health and safety breaches, pornographic videos, sexual and physical assaults, abuse of trust, and neglect are just some of the accusations against Oxford & Cherwell Valley College which have surfaced over the last eighteen months.
We have long known the effect of the direct attack on the education sector by successive governments. Keep them stupid and they won't see what we're doing, and all that.
Within four days of learning that a paedophile's park ban had been lifted because of his Human Right to 'keep fit' we learned that a Nigerian rapist had escaped deportation after European judges ruled that he had a right to 'private life' in Britain.
This is the statement of truth of Pat Johnston, and the following forms my true testimony of events which I personally witnessed on the night of 6.3.2011 in Ammanford Police Station South Wales. These are contemporaneous notes which were made as soon as possible after the events took place and within 24 hours. Names of the family and child only have been changed due to gagging by the secret family courts.
Did Judge Irwin's apparent attempt to conceal evidence that Martin Smith's accuser had previously made demands for money and a car to be given to her by Lianne Smith constitute misconduct?
Complaints Made Against Judge Irwin's Conduct Of The Trial Juror Was Asleep During The Trial Police Left Court To Make Secretive Mobile Phone Calls Court Officials Blocked Public From Public Areas Police Accused Concerned Public Of Being "Extremists" Children's Service Actions Remain Hidden
In part 3 of my One World Governance series of articles I posed the question:- Could Common Purpose, and its graduates, be acting as 'stealth agents' of the United Nations?
Whenever I read an MSM report that appears suspicious I am always tempted to research behind the headlines. Yesterday was no exception with the Daily Mail reporting (Be prepared... for scouts as traffic police) that in return for helping the police man speed traps and lecturing offending drivers of the dangers of speeding, the boys have been presented with a commmunity challenge badge.
Bias, Vested Interest, Conflict Of Interest, Lies & Deceit Why the Family Law Division, Cafcass and Contact Centres need to be put on trial.