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Pornography: Censorship of the Internet

by | Tuesday, 18th December 2012

Thank you to the viewers of UK Column Live who have recently taken the trouble to contact us concerning our comments regarding Google and the Government's failure to impose web restrictions on pornography. A few people have expressed their surprise (and concern for freedom of speech) that we criticised David Cameron for failing to introduce controls that would require web viewers to consciously opt in to pornography.

In the first place, the decision by the Government for no action was achieved with the help of a weak and heavily manipulated Department of Education Report that supposedly demonstrated that the majority of people did not want such controls. Perhaps more importantly, however, the Conservative party  is heavily and inappropriately involved with Google through links to Google Global Head of Communications Rachael Whetsone - former Chief of Staff to Michael Howard and Godparent to David Cameron's late son Ewan.

But the key point is that the argument is about morality in the first instance. Is it morally right that internet pornography is thrust in front of ever younger children, whilst parents are expected to police every move and internet viewing by their children? What happens when children visit friends for example?

Surely the common sense approach is that we protect the minds of our children first by ensuring that youngsters cannot simply and directly access online pornography, and we leave the pornography accessible to those adults that need it behind a credit card check for example? We can be sure that when we see key politicians involved with key Google staff, whilst Google declares it has no idea how much of its £multi-billion turnover it makes from pornography, a scam is taking place. 

The scam becomes even easier to see when arch hypocrite Harriet Harman stands up to criticise the government and demands greater protection for children. This pernicious and dangerous woman was part of the campaign to make it easier for adults to take pornographic pictures of children, the age of consent to be lowered to 14 and incest to be decriminalised. 

Is pornography needed? You decide. But it is created and spread as a drug to destroy minds, relationships and morality, earning the proponents £billions in the process.

The cross party agenda now at work loves pornography and the perversions that result, since they allow total blackmail and control.

Be under no illusion that the top Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dem people love porn in all it's forms - they know what it can achieve. Paedophilic pornography and its practice is top of their list.