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Leveson Benedict Brogan and Plastic Bags before Freedom

by | Tuesday, 29th October 2013
We are apparently one day away from a decision by the Privy Council on a Royal Charter to 'moderate the press'. 

The decision made by the Privy Council was done behind closed doors, away from both the media and the general public.

The Privy Council itself is a secretive organ of government where MPs are selected to attend, a few at a time. Only the Chairman has continuity. Democratic, transparent and accountable? Few would think so, and at this late stage some of the mainstream press are just starting to feel concerned.

Enter the Daily Mail, with a hard hitting article for today 29 October 2013. It headlines..."Newspapers begin legal battle over MPs 'unfair, unlawful and irrational' plan to control Press", and continues that it was "unfair to throw out the Press version of the Royal Charter without proper consultation."

With the Privy Council decision imminent, the Mail strongly championed a number of press bodies who are trying to gain a High Court Injunction to stall the decision. To reinforce the case the Mail also stated that the Privy Council decision had grave constitutional implications, and indeed it does. The Privy Council actions and decision are clearly our politicians taking control of the press - dictatorship style. 

However the Mail needs  a dose of reality. 

In April 2008, 3000 people demonstrated outside Parliament in protest at the attack on Britain's Constitution with the Lisbon Treaty, and many also voiced their growing concerns at the growing attack on democracy and freespeech in UK by the EU and our own politicians. The demonstration was within sight of the Daily Mail offices.

We telephoned the then Political Correspondent Benedict Brogan to ask why the Daily Mail had not covered the event, choosing instead to run a front page, and many other pages, on the need to curb plastic bags.

The UK Column said... "Good afternoon Mr Brogan. I'm calling to ask why the Daily Mail did not cover the EU Referendum Rally...your front page is covered in plastic bags."

Brogan replied... "We didn't think it was particularly newsworthy relative to other things going on in the day. Every day we have to take a balance of vew on the things that interest us and the things that matter and we feel are important - some things get squeezed out and the demonstration was one of the things that got squeezed ... we have a big campaign on plastic bags that we are also doing this week...we made it something for our front page...and something that we wanted to promote, and that's what we are promoting at the moment." 

Brogan a 'Dimwit', as was the Daily Mail, for putting plastic bags before widespread and highly visible concerns over free speech, freedoms and the Constitution.

Now it appears that the Mail has woken up. It may be too late. Hopefully not if the good people of this country act approriately.

Hopefully the Mail and other mainstream papers will assist, spurred on by the fact that State control of the press and media only happens in dictatorships.

People have a habit of dying or disappearing in dictatorships - especially investigative journalists.  Will the State reward Brogan for his assistance as a 'useful idiot'? I think not. He will be thrown aside like many others.

Can I ask readers for some help. Spread this sorry tale far and wide and warn every single mainstream press and media journalist that our freedoms are on a knife edge. 

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