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UK Column Live - 14th March 2013

Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish with today's news update including the DWP targets 120,000 families to reframe their behaviour, jobcentre staff force claimants to lie on their CVs, Prince Charles visits the regime financing Al Qaida in Syria, and the US Department of Defence rethinks giving medals to drone operators.


Donald Berwick as "health czar"? That's hilarious in a macbre way. A failure in U.S. is now being given a a job of importance in U.K? What's up, with that? No-one in U.K qualified? A democrat worker, being employed by tories? More proof that the lines are blurred and they're all in the same boat of corruption and vice? Rothschild hanger-ons? Zero harm? Now there's a recipe for failure, as lofty as the ideal may be. Well anyway, it's likely to be a short-term appointment as it is reported by "Mother Jones" magazine. That he is being tipped as running for govenor of Massachusettes next year? So, the Brits are going to pay him a nice salary until he makes a bolt?

Cartridge in knees? No, it's cartilidge.

If they want to listen in to my weekly conversations with my elderly mother, on skype? Go, ahead. The inerent is no more or less than a giant spy machine, anyway. I expect they're already filtering the traffic? When facebook can tell where and when you have friends on FB. It's easy to see how data is being collected.

Jesuits, as you say Brian. They are supposed to know the dirty little secrets. Their vows are extreme and may be found here They are the part of catholics authorized to use commerce and banking. They are allowed to wear ordinary clothes, to blend in with society, to be "secret agents". Along with Dominican order they were part of the inquisition. One imagines that, the writing is on the wall? To the priesthood to be very careful? The emphasis is likely to be keep your church safe, avoiding scrutiny, etc. The notion that he will clean it up? Is laughable. The last pope to try that, John Paul I. Found out the hard way. With their income being reduced; can we expect the poor, will be the ones to pay for it?

Obviously the solution for us aging people, is to follow the Hunzas example, their diet and work in the fields, well into our 100's.

As for Britain, dragging the U.S into conflict? I would suspect it to be that Britain, is the "cat's paw" of the U.S. war agenda.

This is a barrister called Geraldine. Smile Does anyone have any more?


Big Brother is watching.

Nowhere to run or hide from America’s 'financial Nazism'.


Nazi Germany’ is the phrase that immediately comes to mind from the recent reports that the US is planning to allow spy agencies to monitor every citizen’s finances.

When you read a sentence like, "The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all US spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country," the pieces begin to fall into place. Remember how last year we learned that hedge funds hire former and active CIA agents to do research (read: espionage) to give them an edge?