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UK Column Live - 12th March 2013

Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish with today's news update, including the Queen signs the Commonwealth Charter - another step to global governance, three newspapers break away from the rest over Leveson, Scotland moves to lower the voting age in order to influence the referendum, and warnings about anti German feeling in Europe.


Journalists, are often the cover for spying. Case in point, Reuters. The Rothschild's spying and disinformation machine.

Since 1980's As-part-a-me was decried as being unhealthy and it was part of the "underground" knowledge of the time and since. I once worked for Schweppes in 1970's and was a quality control lab assistant. It put me off pop, forever. We never tested Pepsi for acid levels it was too far off the range. We only tested it for sugar, around 54%. By comparison Bitter Lemon was around 12%. Acid 16%. The cast iron base of the refractometer, for Pepsi, was eaten away by the rivulets of liquid running down it.

While UKColumn focussed on a screen shot of Yahoo news, about the fall of manufacturing in Britain. Yes, I agree and got it.

Did you notice the stories on right hand side. About Egypt and IMF? The IMF is largely responsible for handing out massive loans to countries. That take forever to pay back. These loans, will just help to finance the Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood government. Muslim Brotherhood, according to Google, is a masonic organization. - Rothschilds, once more.