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UK Column Live - 11th March 2013

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update including Brian Paddick complaining that police are having their doors broken in over misconduct in public office, Bankers complaining that they are underpaid, Ray Winstone complaining he is paying too much tax, and Liberal Democrat MPs complaining that there is still no tax on plastic bags.


Can we expect a "revolution" in Iceland, or perhaps assinations? Given that they've shruuged off the international bankers. ..... Stay tuned? How long will the Rothschilds, etc. tolerate it?



Another one for the list.

Internationally acclaimed artist 'sexually abused young girls in nighties after blindfolding them'.



Another untouchable.

Coroner charged with £2m fraud and theft over work carried out at his solicitor's office.


I hope he is wrong, but I would not count on it.

'The demon's are only sleeping': Luxembourg PM paints chilling portrait of Europe as he draws parallels with build up to WW1.