The Docherty Files

The Docherty Files

Targeted by reputedly the most powerful, well connected paedophile ring in Scotland.

Pursued across four legal jurisdictions.

Victims of arson and innumerable break-ins, surveillance and harassment.

Twice having the trauma of the children they love violently seized by armed police.

Ignored by every state agency you can name.

Shunned by Nicola Sturgeon, Enda Kenny and the British Embassy.

Alone, in foreign country, without friends, resources or respite for two years.

This family still stands, still loves one another and needs your help.

Think we live in a country governed by the rule of law? Think again, and read the Docherty files!

Insight Vox - An Interview With Brian & Janice Docherty from UK Column on Vimeo.


In two short years, the Docherty family have been torn apart by brutal state interventions in three separate national jurisdictions. Are these people criminals? Accused of a major crime? Terrorists? No they are a loving family who had the courage to report to the authorities an approach from a predatory paedophile.

Alex Thomson announces publication of the transcript of David Scott's extended interview with Brian and Janice Docherty. At over 250 pages, this was a huge amount of work by Alex and his team of UK Column members, all of whom are owed a huge thanks.

In the full transcript of the Docherty interview, there are many stories of Police and Garda officers behaving badly, violently, unlawfully; perhaps the worst of the worst is the conduct of the officer the Dochertys knew as Sergeant Sam Buchan. Their account is in interview 2 of the Docherty Tapes. This is what they said: