The government has once again refused to publish the official assessment of the risks involved in the government's NHS shakeup, contrary to Law.
Today the Queen gave her speech to both houses of parliament, setting out the forthcoming plans of the Coalition for the year ahead. 
On 13 April 2012 Daily Mail Columnist Richard Littlejohn scornfully reported that aside from an incredible 5 fire appliances attending the scene, 25 Firemen were stopped from entering a 3 feet deep pond to rescue a Seagull in distress because of "elf'n'safety" rules.
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development if predicting that Britain will fall back into recession this quarter.
Bernard Gray
David Cameron's mission to privatise all that we once owned continues with Bernard Gray's hushed plan to privatise the MoD.
The UK Column has warned for many years that British military capability is to be deliberately undermined and run down so as to force the United Kingdom into inter-dependence with Europe in order to provide realistic and capable defence.
Elish Angiolini
On the 29th April 1991 a meeting was held between Lord Fraser (the Lord Advocate), Lord Roger (the Solicitor General), Duncan Lowe (the Crown Agent), Alfred Vannet (the Deputy Crown Agent) and persons unknown, to discuss  a report written by Elish McPhilomy (now Dame Elish Angiolini), that sought to establish a rationale for, and the extent to which, the protections offered by Common Law could be circumvented, and statute law ignored.
The Israeli Ambassador in Bangkok admitted yesterday that the bombs discovered in Bangkok were similar to those used in the recent attacks in India and Georgia.