Earlier this week, NHS Highland ran a seminar to discuss and develop a new programme. It is called Getting It Right for Every Adult (GIRFEA).
short life
Death has become a prevalent subject in UK. That might perhaps seem appropriate, as with life comes death, and that is the stark situation for all of us.
Anglo French Medical Society Partying
A reader alerted us to the Anglo French Medical Society AFMS. What, they wondered, was this funny little organisation about. It says it is a "Professional Organisation fostering interaction between UK and French doctors and medical students."
In the ultimate trans-humanist world, Man, or at least some men, will be able to control every aspect of living and be ‘free’ from the constraints of nature. Such men, thus, seek to control every aspect of our lives. To do this they must divide and conquer, and the most basic divide and conquer is the destruction of the family unit.
This week the media reported on the London Health Commission's proposal to ban smoking in London's public spaces, such as parks and other green areas. The report suggests that children take up smoking because they are influenced by the adults around them.
For change to work, the discontent with the present must be greater than the tolerance of it – Robert Rowland Smith, philosopher Isn't this the perception we are being fed about the state of parts of our NHS? Might this not suggest that it is being deliberately sabotaged from within?
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In recent months the NHS has hit the headlines with events and revelations that would previously have been deemed unbelievable...
Who is promoting the introduction of a financial transactions tax, and, for what purpose will any collected revenue be applied?
We are all familiar with the atrocities of the Nazis. The same planning which slowly worked it's way into the full blown evil that we look back on in horror, is at work again.
The Coalition government's plans for the NHS are revealed in the Health and Social Care Bill now before Parliament.