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Joined: Dec 1 2011

Quick, grab this, download and fast.

Bill Maloney's latest, it MUST go viral!

Out today, naming the RIGHT names, BIG names.

The paedo establishment will get this taken down

for sure, just like Unlawful Killing.


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Joined: Mar 11 2013

excelent movie by PnM, one of their best and well worth watching ,and needs passing around.

thanks for posting hetzer



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Joined: Mar 21 2012

D'loaded just in case.
Meanwhile can find no further info anywhere re the list of names on the wall in that record shop.
That one has gone silent.



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I haven't watched the PnM film yet but noticed your comment about the list of names on the wall in a record shop. I remember someone talking about that in a podcast or video months ago and then of course the MSM reporting like this from the Mail on July 29, 2013: Rolll call of victims found on secret wall in radio shop in Greater Manchester with this additional note: "Find 'result of Operation Yewtree investigation' but police denied Savile link." But of course! As you indicated Intbel, I also cannot find any subsequent information anywhere as yet another key lead is once again intentionally subverted.


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