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UK Column Discussion / General / Children's Issues / A Message From Maggie Tuttle : Finding Mum And Dad. Channel4 Promotion/Propaganda To Sell Children.
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A Message From Maggie Tuttle : Finding Mum And Dad. Channel4 Promotion/Propaganda To Sell Children.
Halo Jones
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 A Message From Maggie


A Message From Maggie

Maggie Tuttle


A message from Maggie Tuttle

On the 15th January 2014 channel 4 at 10 o’clock are showing a documentary (finding mum and dad) it is a shameful documentary showing the children publicly to the world for adoption (SALE)  whilst families throughout this country are being gagged or threatened by the social services not to put photographs of their children who are in care on the internet at the same time kids for adoptions are publicly being sold by TV this is not a documentary to help children it is plain selling with free advertising for the multibillion pound adoption companies 
What of the parents of these children who will have to sit and watch their children being sold live on a TV programme for the world to see, what of the Paedophiles also looking to buy the kids how can this so called Britain get away with publicly selling the children well they do and can because until the British people rise up TOGETHER to be the voice for the children then in 2014 the number of children taken into care will double,  I personally despair with the British people as they will march in their 1.000s for bedroom tax or benefits but will not march in their 1.000s to be the voices for
Children do not need to be sold not when there are 1.000s of grandparents who are free of charge who can give their grandchildren a home with love, why are there thousands of grandparents paying thousands of £s to legal teams for residence orders, grandparents are being branded as alcoholics drug users liars you name it and the grandparents are it. British people need to wise up and to know that by this Documentary no kid is safe and can be sold by public auctions.
Maggie Tuttle
The silent witnesses here lies the truth.



Halo Jones
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Finding Mum and Dad – The World of Adoption, Investigated by Channel 4

12 Sunday Jan 2014

Posted by Natasha in Children



It’s certainly testimony to the times that TV channels like the BBC and Channel 4 have started to focus more on the family justice system and its day-to-day function. These issues have started to become mainstream news, largely due to organisations advocating change (ones which have been around a lot longer than ours), and the growing understanding by the public that this system affects the family unit. And quite possibly one day, their family unit.

Hot off the heels of Panorama’s documentary next Monday on adoption and whether the courts always get it right when it comes to removing children from birth parents, comes Channel 4′s documentary on the world of adoption.

This programme will be looking at the difficulties of finding new homes for siblings, and a new scheme which is in place to tackle this. It is not clear whether the new scheme, which is part of the government’s latest drive to find more adoptive parents, tries to place siblings together in the same home, or not, so we will have to wait and see why Channel 4 have considered the scheme programme worthy.

What does seem to be note worthy about the scheme though, if the photo on Channel 4′s website is anything to go by, is that the scheme involves adoption parties, or activity days as they are called, the likes of which we have already seen discussed in the press. 

We are not immediately opposed to such activity days, for the most part. This is primarily due to the reactions of the children involved, who seem to enjoy the days and find them useful to suss out prospective parents. It gives them a chance to really get a good look at these folks.

However, the artificial environment of these parties could be hugely damaging to the children involved. What happens to the child who’s been to a dozen parties but still remains ‘unchosen’? How will social services address this?

The parties are designed to show the children ‘having a good time’ and to allow the prospective adopters to ‘see the children as they are, and not just a person with lots of problems on paper’. But these problems are not just on paper, they are real.

It’s all well and good having a good time with kids in a backyard. But when they come home to you and start having nightmares, let’s hope these well-meaning parents don’t all dash back to return their party gifts.

A big thank you to Maggie Tuttle for sharing this news item with us.