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UK Column Discussion / General / Children's Issues / Maggie Tuttle Tells Us The Money Spent In the Child Stealing Industry Prepare to be Shocked
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Maggie Tuttle Tells Us The Money Spent In the Child Stealing Industry Prepare to be Shocked
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Lint Bint

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 Great interview with Maggie on TPV . She talks about many things,but one issue,sex-ed in schools,is something I hope many more parents will wake up to.My son,12yrs,told me he thinks they (school) are encouraging children to have sex.Wow.That's his perspective (that's my boy smiley).

 Skip 5 mins for main topic.



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Thanks Lint,

as much as I can commend this woman I can not help but see plenty of flaws I'm afraid.

My perspective is that Maggie is in a very very vulnerable position, she is dependant up on cash and plenty of it to at least aquire rooms/properties up and down the country, that alone is millions! I think there is... and i know there are genuine charities but the amount of money that i see is needed may well come from the government when traced back to source....conflict of interest right there.(i really hope this will not be the case)

dependant on where this money comes from can potentially have terrible repercussions, ok ill explain:

this money she has not got and she will be borrowing in one form or another, if that money comes from another charity and that charity has ulterior motives/policies then she will be over a barrel so to speak, the source of the monies will have overall influence and i think some time down the line she may find out that she made a mistake (god forbid) i think she would find it difficult to scrap the whole thing and risk putting the children back into the position she tried to save them from and the corrupt system will stil be in place but in another guise.

also this could be seen as a back door privatisation of the care system.

i personally think that Maggie does not want to make the change where the heart of the problem is and that is with the psycopaths and sick Kinsey adoring pedophiles in high power positions and right through the whole trafficking care system.

i do not enjoy playing devils advocate and i admit to not ever hearing about this lovelly woman so please excuse my ignorance and any more insight to correct me would be appreciated folks, if she pulls this off i see a lot of ugly heads turning her way who have got a lot to lose.

cheers again Lint Bintyes





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