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Ken Clarke MP Is Above The Law And Cannot Be Questioned Says Metropolitan Police Paedophile Uni
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 Do not hold out much hope for a fair investigation. 

Why Ken Clarke Paedo Friends In Wesminster Are Above The Law

Posted by: Max Farquar May 10, 2013 in Broken BritainFree Speech 15 Comments

Following on from the widely read post, on Max Farquar, entitled “Freedom Of The Press Threatened By Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke“, here is an update on the Ken Clarke paedo allegations and why his friends and fellow politicians in Westminster are above the law when it comes to any investigation regarding paedophilia. Ever wondered why Operation Yewtree, Operation Fernbank, Operation Fernbridge (or whatever name they are using today) are only arresting over-the-hill, has-been celebrities … and never any MPs or politicians? Then wonder no more.

Paedo politicians are above the law. No surprise there, to regular followers of Max Farquar … BUT … when you here it for yourself, from the mouths of the police detectives who are supposed to be arresting MPs that take a fancy to buggering your child, it really hits home.

Read on as Ben Fellows reveals all, in a guest post, about his Ken Clarke paedo allegations interviews with the police. Listen to the actual statement that he made to the paedo police. Listen to the paedo police tell Ben Fellows why Ken Clarke paedo friends in Westminster really are above the law :

Ken Clarke MP Is Above The Law And Cannot Be Questioned Says Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit

Is it acceptable for anyone to sexually assault, grope, fondle, touch up, abuse, rape and murder your children?

Well, according to the Specialist Crime Directorate Child Abuse Investigation Command or the Pedophile Unit, if you are a member of parliament then it is acceptable to do just that.

For the record it was officers from the Paedophile Unit who approached me for information on Kenneth Clarke not the other way around. I did not go to the Police, the Police came to me. I have the tapes to prove it if that is ever an issue.

Detectives from Operation Fairbridge, (can they hide behind anymore names?) educated me into how the law actually works. This is quite complicated so bear with me. Politicians and “others” are above the Law. Got it! So stop complaining about paedophile rings in Westminster and prepare to have you sons, bent over and buggered by any politician who chooses to fancy your child.


If you are Kenneth Clarke MP or any living serving politician then you cannot be arrested, questioned under caution or charged, etc., by the Police. This dramatic information by the Police explains why Kenneth Clarke’s paedophile politician friends never get caught — as they are above the law. This was according to Senior Detective Ben Lambskin of the now, not fit for purpose, Paedophile Unit.



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The police are not the law either, and even if they think they are, Justice has nothing to do with the law..It is the people who deal out justice, and we use law to this end, the police are supposed to enforce said law...

These criminal non empathic entities that inhabit the corridors of power, must be got rid of,

And when your children suffer enough you will rise up, and they will go...

stand idly by in wilful ignorance if you must, your height may be known, but your measure is yet to be weighed