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UK Column Discussion / General / Children's Issues / CLIFF'S TOUR JUNE 2013
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Kitty Cliff is on the road again.

After scuttling off to Barbados with his boyfriend after

realising his name is on the Elm Guest House attendee list, he's back.

This aged, prancing poseur has more front than Southend!

Tour dates......

Yorks 1st June

Old Trafford 2nd June

East Anglia 6th June

Warwick Castle 8th June

Hatfield House 9th June

Hove Cricket Ground 15th June

Powderham Castle Exeter 16 June

Plus a venue at Hampton Court (how appropriate).


Perhaps a turn out with a few well placed placards, banners and posters at these venues

may 'enlighten' his geriatric, granny followers and hopefully, many others.wink


Full details are on Kitty's Official Website.


The identities of the 'Big Six' have been known for many months, it is

patently obvious that the MSM are unable or unwilling to fully report.

It is up to decent people to get this out there big time.


There is no better opportunity to get this

straight into the faces of the Nation.


The broad mass of a nation will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one ~ Adolf Hitler