Born into a Polish exile family living in London, Former Tory Party member Jan Vincent-Rostowski is currently Finance Minster of Poland. He is utterly pro-Euro and extremely keen to see Poland join the Euro as soon as possible.
Our hearts go out to those who wait for news of their loved ones at Gleision Colliery in South Wales and right now the focus of attention must rightly be the rescue efforts currently underway.
JP Morgan Bear Stearns
In January 2007, Bear Stearns was worth $20 billion. By Friday, 14th March, 2008, it was worth $3.5 billion. Three days later, on Monday, 17th March, it was bought by JP Morgan for $236 million.
The UK is not in the firing line, says William Hague. He must have been on drugs or something, because aside from that, he believes that European nations need to "demonstrate to the satisfaction of financial markets the credibility of their own intentions to bring their deficits and debts under control".
In 2008, then South African president Thabo Mbeki’s mother, wrote an open letter to the South African people, severely criticising the nation's political leadership. Published in the Johannesburg Sunday Times, she concluded: "South Africa wake up. Zemk’iinkomo Magwala Ndini! (The cattle are being stolen, you bloody cowards!)"
Past Is Not Prologue Readers of my articles in the UK Column over recent years may have puzzled at the long silence. Without boring you with the details, let it be said that a tactical retreat is not to be confused with capitulation, but part of a wider strategy. Notwithstanding tactics, all that was pertinent with respect to the economic and political situation as it stood at the time my last article went to print, had already been said. It therefore only remained to wait for the next major phase shift in the situation before summoning the inspiration to offer a genuinely new perspective. Such a phase shift has now occurred.
The Quiet War Against American Independence contains exclusive interviews with National newsmakers on the font lines of the quiet war. This compelling program documents the treaties and UN Conferences that are undermining American independence and paving the way for global control.
UK Factory
The ignorance of the majority of our political classes to the enormity of the financial crisis that we face is staggering. Their wilful denial of the fact of the continuing collapse of our nation, its institutions and ways of life is absolute deliberate treason. In fact, I would go further, it is murderous, and that fact will become clear as the destruction of the NHS takes its toll. As a result, they prefer to decimate public spending, while at the same time increase VAT and other taxes, in order to pay off the banking mafia that pays their salaries.
The last forty years have seen record levels of insanity in the financial sector. Drunk on the possibility of "making money", individuals with no thought to the impact on the lives of the real human beings on this planet, have demonstrated a willingness to do anything to make a quick buck. "I wish they'd get this war started," one such person said to me just prior to Blair's invasion of Iraq.
The yields on Irish government debt (specifically 10 year bonds) rose to over 9% on Thursday last week on the rumours that Ireland was needing to go cap in hand to the EU for a further bailout. The Irish government denied this in a fairly carefully worded statement. The result is that yields have fallen back to just over 8% today, although it is generally accepted that if yields head back over 9% again, Ireland will be forced to run out the begging bowl.