While we wrangle with our respective public or private employers about what pensions we might receive in the future, French pensioners are already having payments withheld.
The Euro cracks under the strain
We could be forgiven for thinking that the Euro crisis has gone away, with so little coverage in the media. Sadly, it's just the calm before the storm.
As the Euro continues is collapse, French President Sarkozy has indicated that he will not wait for the rest of Europe to stop squabbling before imposing the financial transaction tax. 
For some reason, a contact forwarded me a story from the Guardian originally published in 2002. It was just another example of WWF propaganda regarding the Earth's population. What interested me most, though, was the effort to demonise the potential for colonisation of space.
If Positive Money is not the answer, what can we do? The solution is actually not that hard. We must begin with full Glass Steagall style banking separation now, today. Not this ring fencing nonsense being pushed by Mervyn King and George Osborne.
Positive Money bills itself as “a simple solution to the debt crisis”. With a cursory glance, it might appear to be making some of the right noises. On closer inspection, however, there’s just nothing there.
In order to create the European Union it became necessary for its major proposers and supporters to undermine the democracy of the people. It stole its authority by ignoring the will of the people in various referenda. Now, in order to save its flawed currency, it seeks to make itself immune from the rule of law.
What is happening beneath the surface of March Hywel Mountain in south Wales? This was the location less than two weeks ago of the mining disaster at Gleision Colliery, where 4 miners lost their lives, due to an inrush of water at high pressure.
The UK's first hydrogen refuelling station has been opened in ... Swindon. Hmmm.
Quantitative Easing
The statements from within the global financial "leadership", and reflected in the mainstream press release mashup squad, have been staggering. There is "already a raging panic around the solvency of the European banking system", wrote the Telegraph's Jeremy Warner, "Most people will find the idea that more than four years after the banking crisis began, the banking system continues to require squillions of public money almost beyond belief".