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In this weekly blog I will be taking a look at those articles that are written or edited in a way that encourages the reader to develop a bias towards, or against, the subject of the article. This technique is most commonly referred to as 'nudging'. In some cases the desired result is obvious, however sometimes the objective is hidden behind a tapestry of entertaining, or controversial, literature.

Faculty of Public Health president Prof John Ashton calls for the age of consent to be lowered.....salami slicing which will help the drive to 'normalisation' of paedophilia...


Something is subtly messing with our views, values and morality. We are 'going forward' but the direction is being controlled by others...

Programs are being developed by Microsoft and Google that are able to track our future movements

Much has been written about the digital age and the menial day to day tasks that it purports to save us from; much too has been written about the enslavement of people through the digital age - an Orwellian world in which people are monitored and controlled around the clock.