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The Tory Party tweeted out their simple truth today: that true compassion isn't giving people a benefits cheque - it's giving them a chance.

The sickening child abuses were also covered-up by the BBC after a reporter Nicola Stanbridge of Radio 4 had made contact with the UKColumn and showed great interest in investigating ...

Robert who has now been found guilty in Aberdeen Sheriff's Court...his crime was to breach an anti-harassment order...

MI5 is finally being taken to task over harassment and 'stalking' by businessman Philip Kerr who alleges the agency has targeted him over a protracted period when he refused to work for them.

Earlier this week a man was sentenced to jail for sending an offensive tweet to labour MP Luciana Berger. 

The world has now grown and Nations are joined under UN governance. It is interesting to note that these societal changes towards total control by the State were put into place in the run up to the Second World War.

This week the media reported on the London Health Commission's proposal to ban smoking in London's public spaces, such as parks and other green areas. The report suggests that children take up smoking because they are influenced by the adults around them.

In this weeks nudge we will be taking a look at the rising popularity of the Selfie, a past time that is becoming so popular even the next door neighbours dog is doing it.

In amongst the drive for an independent Scotland, as well as the mounting propaganda calling for war, the mainstream media has continued to nudge us towards a 'Brave New 1984'. In this weeks 'Weekly Nudge' we will be considering cashless payments and their wider implication.