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Something is subtly messing with our views, values and morality. We are 'going forward' but the direction is being controlled by others...

Programs are being developed by Microsoft and Google that are able to track our future movements

Much has been written about the digital age and the menial day to day tasks that it purports to save us from; much too has been written about the enslavement of people through the digital age - an Orwellian world in which people are monitored and controlled around the clock.

Numerous articles in today’s mainstream media elude to the fact that we are fast slipping into a tightly controlled fascist existence very similar to George Orwell’s nightmarish 1984.

This years Bilderberg meeting saw a dramatic increase in attention than in previous years from both mainstream media and protestors, with attendees exceeding 2,300. This increase, more than double of Chantilly last year, has been dubbed by many to be a success in terms of exposure, with many that now believe that we can see a chink of light in the otherwise dark curtain of secrecy that often shadows these meetings.

We commented that it was a predictable result that Conservative David Cameron failed to introduce controls that would require web viewers to consciously opt in to pornography...

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