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Articles in "Science"

Ex-Navy Nuclear Engineer Trevor Jackson has developed a highly energy dense aluminium fuel cell. Why will the government not support bringing it to market?

Japan has unveiled the prototype of a new Maglev train, capable of speeds up to 311 mph. In the meantime, over a week has passed since the latest floods, and British trains are still not running in the South West.

A new project was launched yesterday with the aim of bring hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles to the UK.

Scientists have achieved a milestone in the effort to build the future ITER fusion reactor.

Those readers who have been following my One World Governance series of articles will recall that in Part 5 I highlighted the fact that both David Cameron and Nick Clegg claimed that the new Liberal Democrat / Conservative administration was underpinned by a common purpose. In Part 8 I presented evidence that many MPs were also Members of the All Party Parliamentary United Nations Group and, additionally, that Vince Cable had helped to produce the Brundtland report Our Common Future which launched the concept of 'sustainable development'.

China's public transport plans can only be described as impressive.

The use of batteries alone to power cars is clearly a bit nutty. Poor performance, a short operating range and long recharge times make their practicality limited.

The Excellent Powder: DDT's Political And Scientific History is the title of a long awaited book by Dr. Donald Roberts, entomologist whose malaria research determined that the pesticide DDT works chiefly by repelling mosquitoes, which was launched at a Washington DC press conference on the 21st April.

"I don't believe they would do it!"

How many times have we heard that from people who cannot suspend their disbelief long enough to look objectively at the possibility that the New World Order is indeed a very nasty global conspiracy run by the monied elites?

Rather than attempt to persuade the reader that such evil exists, I'm going to let Bertrand Russell do it for me.

Wikipedia, the notorious online encyclopedia, which features the likes of Chip Berlet among its "editors," has been caught in the center of the climategate swindle. According to a report by Lawrence Solomon published in the National Post of Canada, a Wikipedia editor and UK Green Party activist named William Connolley, doctored literally thousands of entries, to conceal the fact that, during the Medieval period, there was a global warming spell, following the Little Ice Age.