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”Our mission is to inform, connect and empower people around the world.” These are mighty words from BBC Media Action, a charitable offshoot of the BBC funded to £29.5m in 2012 - most of it from the British Government, EU, US State Department, UN and Dutch government. Most of the British public and indeed most of the BBC’s licence payers will have never heard of BBC Media Action let alone understand what this BBC charity really is.

Last Wednesday all "video on demand" content for which the UK Column had "editorial" reponsibility was removed from Youtube and this website following demands for "regulation" by ATVOD, a subsidiary of Ofcom.

Yesterday evening, Louise Collins received a telephone call from Julia Fellows to say she has received an email from Ben to say he is safe and will be in direct contact soon. Ben's whereabouts are still unknown, but this is good news.

Today's Daily Mail carries fantastic coverage of the Common Purpose, Leveson, David Bell operation to destroy the freedom of the press and free speech - a subject we have been covering since January 2012.

“Full Fact is an independent fact-checking organisation. We make it easier to see the facts and context behind the claims made by the key players in British political debate and press those who make misleading claims to correct the record" - so says, under the bold headline of "Promoting Accuracy in the public debate".

A murky pool of vested interest, where monsters wait to swallow the free press and media bite by bite.

Is the publication of the topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge no more that an act of greed by French and Irish trash publications?

Commissioned by Common Purpose sponsor David Cameron, the Leveson Inquiry is tasked to examine the culture, practices and ethics of the press, in four modules. These are: 1. The press and the public, including phone-hacking and illegal behaviour 2. The press, police and public interest 3 The press and politicians. 4.  Recommendations for a more effective policy and regulation that supports integrity, ethical standards and freedom of the press. 

Despite the volume of evidence that I have already presented in relation to the organisation, Common Purpose, one issue is becoming increasingly clear - The British Media generally neglects to inform the British public of its' activities and has also failed to educate its' readership in relation to the the United Nations Agenda 21 programme.

Last night's Channel 4 Dispatches "documentary" was a classic example of a multi-purpose psychological operation, designed to minimise any urges we may have towards activism, while at the same time softening us up to yet more social profiling and the idea of energy austerity.

By means of beauty all beautiful things become beautiful. For this appears to me the safest answer to give both to myself and others; and adhering to this, I think that I shall never fall, but that it is a safe answer both for me and anyone else to give — that by means of beauty beautiful things become beautiful.

Socrates, quoted by Plato, “Phaedo”

Britain's cultural life is under attack again. The British Museum is hosting this disgusting waste of time and money, as part of an exhibition called "Statuephilia."