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The Unnecessary Deaths Of Children Nationwide

Brian Gerrish speaks to Tim Rogers about the psychological attack on our children, and the effect it is having on their minds up to and including suicide.




This is truly disgusting, truly disturbing and truly satanic in nature, with the goat head the peadophillia overtone and the cross-dressing, it's up to an adult if they feel comfortable in clothes tailored for women, but don't force this in the faces of children to act like this is normal for any society, it's normal that afew will, it's not the norm for a society as a whole to do that. And blood coming from the sexual organs is a whole different story. I love the UK column, a new subscriber and will work to get the 100 bundles of newspapers the post around my area. UK column, can you please address the UKIP - Nigle Farage meeting with murdoch about a pact with the conservatives, this has put the UKIP party in the same boat as the rest which I am sad about. Can we hear your take please and info I might have missed out on. Thanks alot UKCOLUMN!!

A few thoughts ...

First, for every chiled murdered, probably two more are prevented from being born later. The nasties think long term ...

Second, when Britain has been invaded by the French, the Italians and others ... they invariably attack on the South East coast.

As invaders encroach, the indigenous population moves as far away as possible to escape the onslaught. They stop only when they can go no further, ie. another coastline - Cornwall, Wales and Scotland. (And maybe East Anglia?)

Some are able to get across the water to Ireland.

This may explain why these peoples are being targeted - are they not, to a great extent, the original indigenous peoples? The rest of us are a right mix of various European races.

I could be well off the mark ... on the other hand, it makes sense to a great degree especially as we know the prime movers are besotted with genetics..

Someone needs to change the title to "Ritualistic Suicides Promoting Funded Around the Country".

This is not unnecessary, but premeditated psychologically motivated suicide promotion.


This is not the first time i have heard this theory and im afraid to say it sounds feasible ; on top of this , i personnally have been displaced to the nether regions of the UK and cant see ,as a working class Englishman with Welsh heritage ,ever being able to afford to move back to the more central location in England of my raising.