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The Docherty Investigation - Update From Ireland

by | Saturday, 4th February 2017
Many people wonder why, in this age of electronic communications, we have such trouble talking to the Dochertys. The full story on that can only be told by Brian and Janice.

Suffice it to say (after going through 30+ mobile phones) they have reason to suspect communications are monitored and disrupted and have taken the view that this represents a threat to them and to their children.

In seeking to help the Dochertys without the sort of communication that we would wish, and use as routine in other campaigns, we have had to resort to older methods - specifically to trusting the judgement of the person on the spot. This is how things used to be done.

In the absence of any alternative, this is how we have approached this investigation. In short, we rely on the Dochertys to make the best decisions in Ireland and require them to trust us to act in their best interests in Britain, in print and online. 

The situation the Dochertys are in is extreme and unique. In cases such as this, decisions are hard, as no route-map is available as a guide. Therefore mistakes are likely, and have to be factored in to the whole approach. Nevertheless, the fight goes on. Here, and in Ireland, we remain by their side.

Within the last few hours we received an email from Brian and Janice. It describes violent and lawless recent events. It describes them with clarity and immediacy and in a voice now familiar to me: the robust, combative, funny, and analytical voice of Brian Docherty. It is reproduced below (only a few typo corrections) as I cannot better explain the nature of this fight.

Hello David,

I was dragged out of my car on Wednesday without a warrant by four officers in broad daylight. I was followed by officers and then surrounded by cars and a van before they forced me out of my car nearly breaking my arm. They cuffed me and drove me in a Garda van 1 hour away to Letterkenny to be sectioned at the mental health hospital. I still have the cuff marks.

The 'psychiatrist' then stated within a matter of minutes of us meeting that I was psychotic - even though I barely spoke! He tried over three hours to get my permission to be sectioned which I robustly, if politely, refused and kept calm. They refused to contact Janice till later. I was then released as this was all illegal.

He baited me for hours which I did not rise to.

Apparently, according to this psychiatrist (who already testified in court - despite not having met me - that I am psychotic) that his main concern was that our two daughters believed that they would go to heaven. ie that we believe in God and that we are Christians (is) the real reason for his "concern". This was also in the notes from social work; so I was informed, that the children were ultra Christians, whatever that means. Incredibly he twisted our children believing in God and heaven to imply that my wife and I were suicidal or homicidal with regard to our children. Go figure.

He has already put his professional reputation on the line by stating I am psychotic (he told me he testified at the care order hearing) so I am guessing he would section me if given half a chance. He added the sucker punch that we were clearly a very close family and the children missed us badly. He was not bright however and his attempted manipulation was pointless.

His laughable diagnosis that I am psychotic is not only to discredit but, as a Janice says, to put me on the worst drugs possible to destroy the brain. His professional diagnosis that I was psychotic was from my Youtube videos. You could not make it up. I stayed silent for a lot of the time mixed with sarcasm when I could not resist. Intelligence and psychiatry do not go hand in hand.

[1 paragraph omitted as it related to their whereabouts]

By the way, the clinical psychologist who was lined up to assess/section me is one Emmett Murray - a Brit and according to the Common Purpose Exposed website, a common purpose graduate. I did not meet him. I met a psychiatrist apparently.



Brian Docherty: a husband and father. A man who simply wants to have his children returned to those who love them. One must marvel at his strength.

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